Attack Strategies: GoWiPe

Town Hall to Use In: 8-10

Trophy Range to Use In: 2400-3200+

GoWiPe is extremely similar to GoWiWi (just switches witches and PEKKAs) but can be twice as effective if you use it well. Be careful though; this is a very expensive army, and can go wrong in a heartbeat. Mostly, this strategy is used for pushing high, since the troops have impressive health and can withstand high level defenses.

200 troop space: 2 golems, 2 PEKKAs, 17 wizards, 11 wall breakers, 3 rage spells

220 troop space: 3 golems, 3 PEKKAs, 16 wizards, 12 wall breakers, 1 archer, 4 rage spells

240 troop space: 3 golems, 3 PEKKAs, 19 wizards, 14 wall breakers, 1 archer, 3 rage spells, 2 freeze spells

Step One: To begin, you need to find the perfect base! Make sure they have at least 21 trophies available, that way you can earn at least 14 trophies for your long-training army. The base design needs to have a clear path to the Town Hall. Also there can’t be a lot of outside buildings that will distract your PEKKAs and heroes from heading to the core of the base.


The perfect GoWiPe base!

Step Two: Place your golems in a line against one side or corner of the base. Drop rage spells on your golems and send in your wall breakers behind them. As soon as you have dropped your wall breakers, drop 2 rage spells on each golem. This will clear most of the walls between your attacking point and the Town Hall since the rage spells will hit your WBs as well as your golems. The wall breakers will also insure that your PEKKAs head to the Town Hall instead of circling the base. Your golems should start targeting the outside defenses and then head in towards the central defenses since your wall breakers cleared the way.

Step Three: After dropping your golems and wall breakers, you should send in your wizards in a line behind them. This is so that the wizards will take out the outside buildings, and therefore your PEKKAs don’t get distracted. Wizards have a smarter AI (artificial intelligence) then PEKKAs, so you can count on them to head towards the Town Hall. The golems should protect the wizards well and take the fire instead of defenses concentrating on the wizards (this is what makes GoWi strategies so effective!)

GoWiPe Wizards BehindStep Four: Next come your PEKKAs. Be warned: this is where most GoWiPe raids go wrong. PEKKAs are very unreliable and will circle around the base instead of heading towards the core and the Town Hall. No worries though! You have already cleared a path, in which your golems and wizards and tearing though. Drop your PEKKAs (and heroes if you have them) right behind so you can guarantee you get the two-star with ease. If there are still surrounding buildings, then drop a wizard to take those out so your PEKKAs aren’t distracted.

Dropping PEKKAsStep Five: When your troops get into the actual core of the base, rage them (and freeze infernos and x-bows if you are TH10) to take out the Town Hall. Usually, you will be around 40% at this point, but your PEKKAs and heroes should be able to clean up to ensure that you get that second star. Make sure your wizards stay behind your golems (if they are still alive)

GoWi Town HallStep Six: Celebrate! You have just won 14+ trophies on your push! Return home, retrain your troops, and raid again when they are finished!

GoWiPe VictoryI hope you guys enjoyed this guide. GoWiPe is a very effective strategy. Use it well!

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