Sneak Peek #2 for December Update: New Collector Levels and Resource Changes

The new update is going to be great for us. Today Supercell announced that they would be adding major loot changes to the game. Keep in mind these changes are good and will increase the amount of resources you will raid for. The changes Clash of Clans will be adding are listed below.

1) Upgrading Walls with Elixir is now available only when upgrading Walls to level 9 and higher.
2) New collector level! Gold Mine and Elixir Collector level 12 has been added, available at Town Hall 8.
3) The first Dark Elixir Drill can now be built at Town Hall 7 instead of Town Hall 8.
4) The second Dark Elixir Drill can now be built at Town Hall 8 instead of Town Hall 9.
5) Dark Elixir Drills have had their maximum capacity increased on all levels.
6) Maximum Dark Elixir Drill level is 3 at Town Hall 7 and 8, maximum level 6 at Town Hall 9 and 10.

All of these changes translate into meaning that there will be more resources available during a raid. With new collector/mine levels and the DE drill increased capacity, you will be able to raid for more in collector raids.

1) Upgrading walls with elixir only with level 9+ walls

Believe it or not, this does not actually hurt you but it will help you. Now, instead of when a player saved 200k elixir and upgraded a wall, they will now have to save 1m elixir instead. This means more elixir will be available during resource raids. This will also help higher level players since Supercell stated “Our primary goal for Wall upgrades using Elixir was always to give players more flexibility when pushing their Walls to higher levels” and not for mid-level walls.

2) Level 12 gold mines and elixir collectors

This will mean another huge loot increase. Before the most resources you could find (usually) was when someone had full level 11 mines and collectors. With the new level 12, you will be able to steal even more resources from those abandoned bases with more storage capacity from the level 12s. My guess is that each mines/collector will be able to produce 4,000 of each resource an hour.


3), 4), 6) Dark Elixir Drill at TH7 and TH8

Supercell has decided that a DE drill will now be unlocked at Town Hall 7 to make buying a Barbarian King easier. To me, this was a stupid idea, since gemming for the Barb King at TH7 was one of their biggest incomes. Since you can buy your first drill at TH7, the second one is now unlocked at Town Hall 8. At Town Hall 9 and 10, nothing was changed. You will be able to upgrade one drill to level 3 at Town Hall 7 and two drills to level 3 at Town Hall 8.

5) Increased DE Drill Capacity

Wow, what a HUGE loot change for Dark Elixir farming. You can now hold more DE in your drills without collecting it. This means that now when raiding the DE bonus will go up since there will be more available in the uncollected drills. Supercell made this change because originally all you need DE for was heroes, but now you need it for upgrading dark troops and training dark troops as well.

This sneak-peek made us realize that this update will make loot a lot more available. There will be more gold, elixir, and Dark Elixir through abandoned base raids. Town Hall 7s will also readily have Barbarian Kings due to the drill being unlocked at that TH. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks.

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