Fake December Update List: Is it Real?

If you haven’t read about the last two sneak peeks, they have both matched the “fake” update list almost exactly. So is the update list actually real, leaked information? My leading theory is yes. The tweets by Supercell have matched the update list almost exactly, so it can’t be a random guess. However, I believe that Supercell purposely released the list in order to catch us off guard.

My theory is that their thought process was if everything matched that list then there wouldn’t be anything extra “added on”. That way when they release, say Town Hall 11 or another huge update such as that, we are all caught completely off guard since we thought only the items on the list would be added. I think Supercell is too smart of a company to let this happen on accident.


2 thoughts on “Fake December Update List: Is it Real?

  1. I study psychology, and I know what you say is definitely possible, but the information in that list has to be at least mostly true for two reasons. One, people might be upset when what they had been promised didn’t become true. Second, the randomness and a lot of other factors show that the list is not made up. A smart person might be able to make that list, but it would take them some time to make up that list without leaving any flaws too noticeable to me. All the evidence put together, I think this list is at least pretty much true, but there is a chance that this is just part of the list, not all of it. Like you said.


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