Sneak Peek #3 for December Update: Archer and Inferno Tower Changes

Following series of sneak-peeks, Clash of Clans released today that they would be adding changes to both the archer tower and the inferno tower.These changes while they seems small, actually impact the game in a BIG way.IMG_0463.PNG

Archer Tower Changes

When the new update releases, archer towers will now shoot twice as fast, but they will deal 1/2 the damage. This might seem like it is just an interface change, but in fact this actually means that units such as archers, skeletons (from witches), and lava pups (from lava hounds) will be one shot in half the time. Now instead of fire-power being wasted, it gets cut in half which is STILL enough to kill an archer. Supercell did this to reduce the use of the barch and GoWiWi strategies that heavily rely on weaker units. But now, these units will be one shot in half the time. Below I have laid out what level archer tower one shot and archer: then and now.


NewGreen= one shot; Red= 2+ shots. It might look like this is great change, but you have to remember, the bottom graph shows have the time. The major ideas behind this add-on is that a level 13 archer tower can now one shot a level 7 archer in half the time. This will destroy barch in the higher levels.

Inferno Tower Changes

The change to the inferno tower was a small one. It now can shoot longer without costing as much Dark Elixir to refill. However, this does mean when attacking the inferno tower will shoot longer without running out of ammo. On defense, you will be able to save more Dark Elixir since you won’t have to refuel as often.

In conclusion, the change to the archer tower might seem small, but the entire idea is that troops can now be one-shot in 1/2 the time it took before. It WILL limit strategies like barch and GoWiWi. Hopefully, this update will be coming out soon!

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