Sneak Peek #5 for December Update: Mulitple Saved Layouts

Ever design a really good pushing base, but you can’t use it since you are farming at the time? Finally, this will happen no longer! Save multiple layouts for your normal village and your war village!


1) Save Village Bases: This one is personally my favorite. You can save (most likely) three different villages to use in the future. To me, I would choose two farming bases and one great pushing base. That way you can easily switch off whenever you want between farming and pushing without having to constantly redesign your base.

2) Save War Bases: In war, you might want to try out one base that works well against hogs, another against GoWiPe, and another against mass dragons. Now you can choose easily, whichever one will seem to hold up the best in that specific war. You can change your base around based on an easy war or a tough one.

3) Save Unfinished Bases: No more 20 minutes of work wasted when you have to go eat dinner. Pause and save your design, take a shower, come back and have your base right where you left it. Or maybe you want to save the “core” of your base and use it for other designs. This will fit in perfectly!

3 may seem great now, but it will get small fast. Maybe in a later update Clash will release up to 5 villages saved. Comment below what you think of this add-on! BTW, the Christmas Update should be released tomorrow.

One thought on “Sneak Peek #5 for December Update: Mulitple Saved Layouts

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