Sneak Peek #4 for December Update: Level 7 Giants

Upgrade to Level 7 GiantsThis big fellow will be making his way towards you in the update (most likely on tomorrow). Giants level 7 seem like an urge to bring back the Giant-Healer strategy. These hairy guys will have 50 DPS (damage per second) and 1,100 hit-points; both a steady increase from level 6 giants.

Appearance Changes

-Gold armor around the shoulders

-Bright blue eyes

Level 7 GiantBe warned TH8s, these will hurt you the most. Watch out for Town Hall 10s stomping their way through your bases with the giant-healer strategy. Note to Town Hall 9s: wait to upgrade your giants to 6. When the new update is released, the costs of level 6 giants will most likely be decreased.

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek #4 for December Update: Level 7 Giants

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