Stats to Know: Walls

This is the third installment in the “Stats to Know” series. Before, I did lightning spells and mortars, so now I bring you walls. How many wall breakers does it take to break open a wall? This is the place to find out.


  • Red= 1 WB
  • Orange= 2 WBs
  • Yellow= 3 WBs
  • Green = 4 WBs
  • Blue= 5 WBs
  • Purple= 6+ WBs

Stats to Know- Walls

I hope you enjoyed the post! If you would like to see another Stats to Know, comment below what you would like to see analyzed! Clash on!

One thought on “Stats to Know: Walls

  1. The key to wbs is not how many it takes but what kills them with one shot. example, max wizard towers takes out any amount of max wbs in one pull, so you can’t break any walls within a few squares of a targeting wizard tower even it’s being distracted by a golem or something because the wiz damage is a few squares wide. Particularly if the upgrade level of the wb is lower than the upgraded level of the wizard tower. (level 5 wb vs level 7 wiz) The wizard tower has to be 2 upgraded levels above the wb level to one-shot it. It’s by design that way, level 5 wb has 42 HP / Level 6 wizard tower does 41.6 Damage per shot. Max wizard towers are an exception and one shot max (level6 wbs). So the next new troop upgrade will prob be wizard tower 9 and wb 7.

    Then you have the mortars which have to be “timed” or as Galadon says “offset” from where you called in the golems. Mortars have same rules for one-shot as wizards so level 5 mortar takes out level 4 wbs in one shot. The level of mortar has to be 1 level above the wb level to one shot it. Often wbs make or break attacks against max 10s because their walls are trying to force you away. Hence the increasing popularity of the 5,6,7 golem attacks with 3 or 4 jump spells.


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