Weekly Base Analysis #12

Hello once again guys! Today, I have for you the 12th weekly base review. Today I will be analyzing nck from the clan Ha Ha Tonka.


Good job with:

-Main Defenses: You have the essential defenses well upgraded. Mortars, wizard towers, and air defense are great!

-Mines and Collectors: YES! Level 12 Mines and Collectors have you going in the right direction. It’s just free loot!

-Boastful Barracks: Both your barracks and dark barracks are maxed, and it helps! Being able to train all troops is useful.

Needs improvement overtime:

-Town Hall 9: So close to TH9! Make sure you are ready for it though. Loot is a lot harder to come by.

Needs to be fixed ASAP:

-Wall Level: As far as I can tell you are completely maxed at TH8 besides walls. Finish those all the 8 and you will be set.

Favorite feature of base: The maxed TH8. As I always say, maxing your Town Hall is the way to play the game. Being a maxed TH8, I believe, is when you are at the prime of your game! Read my article here.

I hope you enjoyed our twelfth base analysis. Once again, if you want your base reviewed email stlcardinalfan12@yahoo.com with your IGN and clan name or sign up here.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Base Analysis #12

  1. You shouldn’t make people email you with their base. You sh just have them comment with their name and clan. If you can, please look at my base. Clan: Lords Disciples Name:


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