Keys for Building a Successful Clan

Being in a clan is one of the most important part of the game. It is where you can be social in Clan Chat, you can participate in war, and you can build relationships! First off you have to build that clan. Here are some key points to building a successful clan.

Be active and recruit!

Most important rule to starting a clan is to be ACTIVE! You have got to be constantly on chat, and constantly be global trying to get some new people in the clan. Being active is your lifeline to your clan; if you are active people will stay!

Start with a few close friends

Its always easier to recruit if you start with a few friends to help you recruit. Not only does it help you get more people, your clan looks better in the beginning since you already have a few members in. You can also trust these friends with Co to back up you.

Set requirements

In your clan, there must be requirements! You can not have any old person joining your glorious clan! Make an XP requirement such as XP 50+ to join, or a Town Hall requirement such as Town Hall 7 to join. This will make your clan more appealing to higher level players.

Get as high as you can go!

You always look better recruiting when you are a Champion! That being said, you should push as high as you can when first starting a clan. This way, your clan will look better since there will be high league players in it and it will be more likely for someone to join.

Give your clan what they want!

This one is key when you are first beginning a clan! People will leave if they don’t receive what they want in your clan. This isn’t just talking about troops. You should

  • Donate requested troops
  • Start war when there is a demand for it
  • Don’t opt in players who want out

Note: if someone “wants” elder, DONT give it to them. This is the #1 way your clan will be ruined. This is even more important with Co-Leader.

So those are the basics to starting a clan! If you want to join our clan, it is 2013 WS Rigged! Thanks for reading you all!

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