Weekly Base Review #13

Hello once again guys! Today, I have for you the 13th weekly base review. Today I will be analyzing Smithsonian from the clan Eternal Hunger!

Weekly Base Review 13- TH9 Base

Good job with:

-Well Upgraded Defenses: I think it is pretty obvious you just got TH9. That means you upgraded TH8 well before you upgraded!

-Base Design: Wow, this is a base review, and I have to say, this is a great base! I might have to use it for the Top Bases series!

-Dark Elixir: At TH9 and TH10, DE becomes extremely valuable, and its good to see your drills well upgraded.

Needs improvement overtime:

-Clan Castle: A level 5 Clan Castle makes all the difference. That extra 5 troop space will help you out.

-Mines and Collectors: To me, these just free resources. Why not upgrade them to full potential?

Needs to be fixed ASAP:

-Wall Level: This is your main weakness. You have got to get those all to level 8!

Favorite feature of base: Seeing a mature base. Like I said earlier; my guess is you just got TH9, which means you nearly maxed. Maxing your base is key in this game and is largely underrated.

I hope you enjoyed our thirteenth base review. Once again, if you want your base reviewed email stlcardinalfan12@yahoo.com with your IGN and clan name or sign up here.

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Base Review #13

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing my base! Your input is much appreciated and I will be sure to follow your advice. I give credit to Beakers Lab on YouTube as inspiration for the design. All I did was a bit of fine tuning. I look forward to more base reviews and keep up the great work with the website.


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