Easiest Way to Get Free Gems

Hey Clash fanatics! Gems are what makes the world go round, and we all want and easy and quick way to get some free gems! I’m here today showing you the BEST way to earn free gems for Clash of Clans!

There is no “hack” that will earn you gems; all the Clash of Clans hacks websites you see aren’t legit. I will show you FeaturePoints, the number 1 way to get free gems! There are total of 7 steps, so bear with me, but I promise the end result will be worth it! Each step will have a picture with it to make sure you are on the right track.

Step One:

Go to featurepoints.com. This is what your browser should look like. FeaturePoints is accessible by mobile and computer, but I would use the mobile to set up.

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 1

Step Two:

Click on the “Start earning rewards tab” That will take you to the “Sent by a friend?” screen. Of course, I sent you so make sure to type in my referral code- C4D. Doing this will earn you 50 FREE COINS! After you typed in C4D, click continue.

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 2

Step Three:

After clicking the continue button, it will take you to the Download FeaturePoints app screen (this is why you should be on your mobile) Click install and it will download it instantly for you.

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 3

Step Four:

Hit your home button and find where the app installed. Click on it to open it up.

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 4

Step Five:

Once you opened the app, it will take you to another “Install now” screen. This is just so that FeaturePoints knows when you install apps so it can give you free iTunes/Google Gift Cards. Click Install now.

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 5

Step Six:

Clicking Install now will take you to your settings and then your mobile will verify FeaturePoints as a legitimate source. Head back to the FeaturePoints app.

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 6

Step Seven:

Once you get back on the app, this screen will be waiting for you. Notice how you already have 50 points since you used the C4D referral code. You can download the first app and get started earning free gems!

Free Gems- Clash of Clans 7

So everytime you download an app, play on it for 1 minute or so. This will be enough time for FeaturePoints to know that you downloaded it and give you your points. Once you save up enough points, you can buy iTunes or Google Gift Cards, and then buy free gems with those! Remember to use my referral code: C4D for a free 50 points! That’s all guys! Have fun with those free gems!

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