Change Name / 1st April Update Sneak Peek?!

Yes, you read that correctly! Clash of Clans has long known that players have been begging to change their In Game Name or IGN! As a result, Supercell recently released a page in their Support Website, which details that in a “forthcoming update” this will be possible! Here are the exact words:

Clash of Clans april may sneak peek change name

Here’s the link if you want to read it yourself, so you know I’m not lying 😉

So you will FINALLY be about to change names in Clash of Clans. However, this does create some issues. In your clan, you won’t be able to tell what the previous IGN was. Also my guess is that this will probably cost gems to change names.

This might be somewhat what it would look like:

Is this a sneak peek for the April update?

My first guess is no. Clash of Clans never announced that they ❤ sneak peeks like they usually do, so I don’t think this is official. Also, it didn’t appear as a sneak-peek; it was just a article on their support thread. That being said, I do think the change name is a lead up to the next update. It has been 2 months since the last one, so an update is due soon! Clash made a commitment that they would try and come out with an update every 6-8 weeks. My guess is that we will start seeing Sneak-Peeks in 2 weeks or so, starting with a change name one. It probably will end up being the May update unfortunately.

Well, despite the update not coming for another 3 weeks, we do get the change name feature in the game! So have fun dreaming up a new name, but expect it to cost some gems. I personally can’t wait to change mine: leave some suggestions to what I should change it to in the comments! That is it guys, until later!


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