TH8 War Base- “Funkytown”

What’s going on guys! Yes sir, we have a TH8 War Base for you! This war base, codenamed “Funkytown”, features an extreme anti-air base. In fact, it is also anti-hog to an extent due to it’s funky design hence the name! Beware of GoWiPe however; you should hope to be attacked with drags with this design! So without further ado, I present to you our first Town Hall 8 War Base- Funkytown!

TH8 War Base Skeleton:

TH8 War Base Anti Air Anti Hogs

TH8 War Base Complete:

TH8 War Base Anti Air Anti Hog Full

So there you have it guys, Funkytown! You can definitely see where it got its name, due to the weird design and the attacker’s cluelessness of where the bombs and traps could be. Comment below if you have a specific base in mind and would like to see a design.

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