Guide to Recovering from a Rushed Town Hall

Recover from a Rushed Town Hall!

What is up my fellow Clashers! I have been getting a lot of requests for a recovering from a rushed Town Hall and today, I will finally tell you the key to recovery! Keep in mind, this is a long process; just stick with it. This will be a step by step guide!

Rushed Town Hall TH8

Don’t upgrade your TH anymore

This should be an obvious first step to fixing your rushed Town Hall. Regardless of what TH level you are: 8, 9, or 10; you should wait until you are maxed until you upgrade again. If you do upgrade Town Hall levels, this goes against everything that this post is about. So just be happy about how far you are and be willing to stay the Town Hall level for a while.

Suggestions for attacking and defending:

  • Place your Town Hall outside the walls. This makes it so that your rushed Town Hall base doesn’t have to defend.
  • Don’t push trophies! Work on farming and getting resources to upgraded your village.
  • Find a good league to farm in. Here is our list of where you should farm based on your TH level. Click here.
  • Get a good base design to defend your loot if someone does decide to attack you!

So know that you know what to do for your offense and defense, you need to know what to do with the loot you gain from these tips.

What to Upgrade First?

Up first on your upgrade list should be anything to do with resources. First priority is gold mines, elixir collectors, and DE drills. This will let you pump out the resources you need to upgrade the rest of your base.

General Upgrade Order

Defense: Mortars –> Wizard Towers –> Cannons –> Archer Towers –> Air Defense –> Hidden Teslas –> Walls

Note: X-Bows and Inferno Towers should not be concentrated on into your other defenses are well-upgraded.

Troops: Archers –> Giants –> Barbarians –> Dragons –> Minions

Note: These are your basic attack units and NEED to be upgraded first!

See our more in-depth TH8 Guides here.

Becoming More Skilled

So eventually after you keep farming and upgrading your defenses and buildings, your base will come to the point where you are no longer a rushed Town Hall. Here are our guidelines to when you are finally a mature TH!

Town Hall 7- XP 50

Town Hall 8- XP 65

Town Hall 9- XP 80

Town Hall 10- XP 95

So once you hit those rangers, you can stop considering yourself rushed! That means you don’t need to focus on constant farming anymore; but rather you can try some new things.

Skills to Master after Recovery

  • Push to Champion!
  • Participate in war
  • Go visit some new clans
  • Learn your way around new strategies

So as you can see, the world of Clash quite opens up to you once you become a mature TH level, not a rushed Town Hall. To sum it all up, here is the basic steps for you to follow.

1. Upgrade resource buildings

2. Begin upgrading defenses and walls

3. Start upgrading troops to farm with

4. Upgrade your X-Bows/Inferno Towers

5. Completely max (besides walls and heroes)

6. Upgrade to the next Town Hall

Well, that’s it folks! A guide on how to recover from a rushed Town Hall! Thanks a TON for reading, and make sure to sign up for an account here at Clash for Dummies and join the community!. Click here. Until next time…. Clash on!

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8 thoughts on “Guide to Recovering from a Rushed Town Hall

  1. I am level 94,and you can max out your base just by thinking about maxing out your experience level. Then your base becomes maxed out without even relizing it…and what i mean is when you upgrade smething and it is finnised…you get extra xp. Also, DONT BE AFRAID OF LOSING LOOT!!!! Thats the whole point of upgrading things. I am th8, not rushed anymore because of this website!! Thank you clash for dumies. Oh, and one more thing i forgot to mention…upgrade as a phase…lets say you have 4 builders huts…upgrade two defenses like wizzy tower and cannon, then also upgrade like barracks and mines/pumps/drills. If you are looking to keep loot, then farm at about 100 trophies, if you want to get loot by raiding, then i jugest you stay aroung crystal 2. my advice…it works for me…so itl work for you. 😉


  2. Reblogged this on The best Clash of Clans tutorials and commented:
    I think, that if you are a rushed town hall, and you have lots of playing time plus a couple of builders not working on something and good troops and camps, you don’t have to farm in lower trophy levels, especially if you want DE. When you have a couple hours, go as high as you can in trophies, and use barch to gain as much loot as possible, upgrade your stuff and use all your loot, and then start farming, but you don’t need to drop trophies, unless you are even higher than the usual trophy range of someone your town hall who didn’t rush.


      • I think if you have lots of time to play, raiding gets you more loot than the collectors. Plus, both can go on at the same time, right? Also, lower trophy levels don’t have much loot. I usually go to a lower trophy level and farm when I don’t have much time to play. But when I do, my raids are all so successful that I can’t remember how long it has been since I last lost a raid. What I think is, if you have a lot of loot, but you still want to save up more, like for upgrading your dragon, go to a lower trophy level and farm. If you don’t have much loot or much time to play and you want loot, farm at your current trophy level. If you have no loot but you have a lot of time, I think what I said to do is best. But then again, it all depends on the situation, and these are all my personal preferences, and even though as far as I know, it is the best strategy in general, it probably isn’t the very best. What you said is good too, because someone who rushed so much might not have a lot of time to play, or good enough troops and camps. I always upgrade those first though, so I assumed others would as well, which would have made my strategy workable. But well, things don’t always go the way they should, right?


      • Ant btw, I only rushed town hall 1 to 4, I completely maxed both town hall 5 and 6 before moving on, and I’m planning to do that with th 7 as well. I’m fairly maxed already, I only need to max out my air defense and teslas, which, and my last few troops and barracks, plus most of the walls, which are level 6, and most of the DE stuff are still level one, including my king. I have the rest of my stuff (archer tower, cannon, mortar, wizard tower, most troops, all the loot stuff, traps, and camps)
        And finally, the air sweeper, which I don’t even know what level is maxed out for town hall 7.


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