Shield Changes for December 2015 Update!

The first sneak peek of the next two weeks is here at last! This sneak peek dealt with new shields and completely changed the concept of the game!

Attacking Shield Costs Update 2015

No More Town Hall Sniping

Yes, Town Hall sniping is over!! After this update is released, destroying the Town Hall no longer gives you a shield and makes sure that you will get attacked over and over. This might sound like farming is done for but wait….

Attack without Breaking your Shield

You can now attack without breaking your shield! Of course, you can’t just attack over and over with a shield, but now when you attack, the TIME of your shield is decreased. So the first time you attack it will subtract 3 hours away from your shield. The second time you attack it will take away 4, the third, 5, etc. This is a great change because now you can attack once or twice and still not be raided making it much easier to collect loot. Here’s a picture of the deduction-

Attacking Shield Costs Update 2015

New Shield Percentages

Instead of shields being given out at 40%, 90%, and when the Town Hall is destroyed, shields are now deployed at the following percentages-

30%- 12 hour shield

60%- 14 hour shield

90%- 16 hour shield

These new shields are to help defensive wins along with preventing Town Hall snipes.

Overall, I think these are good changes to the game, although it will be strange at the beginning. Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to follow the action:

6 thoughts on “Shield Changes for December 2015 Update!

      • But we cant gain a shield now without losing some of our loot, maybe, though, there will be a new kind of farming where you put all of your loot or defense buildings outside so others can gain enough percentage for the shield. However, this does do one thing. it prevents town hall sniping for trophies.


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