Clash of Clans Friendly Challenges Overview

The May 2016 update for Clash of Clans was released yesterday and friendly challenges were one of the biggest parts! The new troops are looking sweet, but my favorite part is the the friendly challenges. They are a little bit confusing, so I’m here to walk you through this update features, complete with pictures!

How Friendly Challenges Work

So when you first see a friendly battle in chat, this is what it looks like:
Friendly Challenge Battle Clash of Clans

You can choose to either scout the base or attack it without any prior knowledge. If you choose to scout the base, it will take you the village they chose for the friendly challenge.

Friendly Challenge Scout Clash of Clans

Once you are ready and know how you are going to attack in the friendly challenge, you can click the big orange attack button and this screen will show up!

Friendly Challenge Attack Now Clash of Clans

Just like in a normal attack, the check screen will make sure you have all your troops before starting a friendly challenge! This way your ego can’t be bruised if you can the wrong attack strategy in! If you do have the right strategy, you can hit attack and be on your way!

Once you get into a friendly battle, it looks the exact same as a real battle with only 2 changes. You can’t see loot or trophies available, because, obviously, there aren’t any, and you can also see how many spectators are viewing your battle live! Lets check out how to watch a battle live!

Friendly Challenge Watch Live Clash of Clans

So when there is a friendly challenge going on, there will be a watch live option which you can click to take you right into the heat of the battle.

Friendly Challenge Live Clash of Clans

Looks the exact same as a replay would except for the spectators.

So that’s basically the whole walkthrough of what friendly battles are and what they look like! A couple FAQ:

  • Do you lose your CC troops when raiding? No, none of the troops you place down will be lost from your real army composition.
  • Is there a friendly challenge log? No, it won’t even show up in your recent replays.
  • Do I get a reward for winning? No, no reward is given.
  • Can I share friendly challenges? No, only your raids you do in a real battles

Lots of “nos” but I really like the whole friendly challenge concept! There will be a video this Saturday of me attacking and defending in LIVE friendly battles! Thanks for reading and Ill be back with a new article soon!

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