Clash of Clans August 2016 Update Leaked!

There will in fact be an August 2016 update for Clash of Clans as Supercell leaked the update today. This update won’t be very big, again proving that the September 2016 update for Clash of Clans is going to have tons of sneak peeks! This update is mostly concerned about balance changes in the game.

August 2016 Update Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans August 2016 Update Features

Cannon damage increased for levels 11-14

  • We currently are developing a better defensive answer to mass-attacks of mid-size units. For now, a Cannon damage boost will help pick up the slack.

Healers trigger air traps (once again)

  • Healers have become a staple high-level troop, but stay out of defensive range too safely, sometimes for the entire battle. Cue the Seeking Air Mines!

Miner movement speed reduced

  • Miners are a bit too speedy for a unit that burrows underground, making them too effective at overwhelming and wiping out entire Villages.

Attackers can deploy more of their army before Eagle Artillery will activate

  • Eagle Artillery’s quick activation limits phase-based attacks more than it needs to. This change gives attackers more early battle flexibility.

That’s the entire update summed up. No new buildings but we do have a lot of great changes that will nerf the ever popular spam attack strategies that have been escalating more and more. The cannon buff will help kill the medium sized units that are so popular right now: miners, bowlers, and valks. Air traps on healers=weakened queen walk. Miner nerf helps limit the miner spam strategy. Overall, some great balances, but we have to wait for the good sneak peeks for the September 2016 update! Check back soon!

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