Clash Royale September 2016 Update Overview!

The Clash Royale September 2016 update is slated to come out tomorrow! There will be no more sneak peeks for this update with only the update actually being implemented into the game being left! Here’s an overview of everything we will be seeing in this update!

Balance Changes

Balance changes are important to Clash Royale and will have some small changes in the September update. Highlighting the changes are the rage being reduced to 2 elixir and mirror being able to spawn card levels not even in the game yet! The log can also knock back all ground troops and the lightning gets a stun of .5 seconds.

Read more about balance changes

Legendary and Epic Chests

Legendary and epic chests were the first real sneak peek in the September 2016 update, but it was a big one! Legendary chests cost 500 gems and contain 1 legendary card. Epic chests, on the other hand, cost 10,000 gold, but they contain 10 epics. You can buy these chests in the store or win them in battle.

Read more about the new chests

New Troops (Mega Minion)

The mega minion will be the newest rare card in Clash Royale! It is essentially a weaker baby dragon that only costs 3 elixir. Along with the mega minion, there will also be another rare card and TWO new legendaries added into Clash Royale later on. These cards are going to drop one at a time 2 weeks after the update.

Read more about the mega minion

New Clash Royale Challenges

Today, the last sneak peek was announced which was a new tournament mode: Clash Royale challenges. These challenges pit you against random players in an attempt to win 12 games before you lose 3. If you win 12 your rewards are huge, however, you still win cards regardless of how well you do. There are two challenges, classic and grand.

Read more about the new challenges

So that is all that we have for this September update! Personally, I think it is a super sweet update; Clash Royale did really well on this one. Anyways, explore the site a bit more to see all other update news and check back in tomorrow to see a complete overview of the update!


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