Clone Spell Decks + How to Use the Clone Spell

Hey Clashers, the clone spell was released in Clash Royale yesterday, which means you guys need the best clone spell decks and need to learn how to use the clone spell in order to succeed with it in Clash Royale! Today, I’ll be sharing the 3 best clone spell decks along with some clone spell strategy!

Clash Royale Clone Spell Decks and Strategy

Clone Spell Defensive Strategy

Honestly, the clone spell doesn’t offer a ton of defensive strategy in Clash Royale. Really, there is just no reason to double the amount of attacking troops you have when you should be able to defend with the cards you have in your hand.

Clone Spell Offensive Strategy

Now, the clone spell is definitely used better on offense. By cloning any troop on your map, that troop will do double the amount of damage but you need to make sure not to make them die immediately since all cloned units only have 1 HP. So you want to mirror cards that do massive damage such as the giant skeleton, minion horde, and lava hound.

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Clone Spell

Clash Royale Goblin Barrel Clone Spell

There is also an advanced strategy technique called “clone skipping” in which you can actually make your troops skip over a defense through the clone spell. The clone unit will spawn to the left, which pushes it away from the defense as it heads straight for the tower. Keep in mind that this wouldn’t work on the right lane push.

Clash Royale Clone Skipping Lava Hound

Best Clone Spell Decks

Best Lava Hound-Clone Spell Deck

Best Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck

Best Giant Sparky Clone Spell Deck

Best Giant Sparky Clone Spell Deck

Best Miner Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck

Best Miner Lava Hound Clone Spell Deck

So that’s just a quick overview of the new clone spell in Clash Royale and some great decks to use it in. Thanks a ton for reading and make sure to check back tomorrow for more Clash Royale or Clash of Clans content!

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2 thoughts on “Clone Spell Decks + How to Use the Clone Spell

  1. Clone the giant skeleton just as it is about to die. Deadly. Alternatively, clone some other troop that has really slow hit speed but extremely high damage. Loons, sparky, etc. Maybe inferno dragon as well could work.


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