Clash Royale Draft Challenge: Strategies to Win

The draft challenge in Clash Royale is back again! Personally, this was my favorite challenge in Clash Royale so far since it is so unique and different from the normal game. Today, I’m going to be walking you guys through how to win the draft challenge and what strategies to use to get there!

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Strategy

What is the Draft Challenge

So for the draft challenge, it is almost exactly what it seems like: you draft your cards! You will get a choice between 2 cards, having to choose one and the other one goes to your opponent. Make sure that you don’t ignore a powerful card, since your opponent will get to use it!

Clash Royale Draft Challenge

Once you have chosen your 4 cards, you will get your 4 cards from your opponent. Here’s the catch: you don’t know what cards your opponent has kept from you. You can figure out what cards you have though, based on your starting hand and beyond.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge

This part of the challenge is what makes it so fun! It doesn’t have any pressure to win with it; just to have fun which is what Clash Royale is all about. However, you want to win so here are some great strategies to win this challenge at 12 wins!

Strategies to Win the Draft Challenge

Pick the Counter Card

Picking the counter card is a simple solution to make sure you are basically never unprepared. You know that you will be able to counter at least 4 cards in your opponents deck, so you just need to have skill for the rest. Let’s run through a couple examples.
Clash Royale Draft Challenge Ice Golem Skeleton Army

So for this first example, you will want to pick the ice golem over the skeleton army because the ice golem will kill the skeleton army when it dies. Now you will have an easy counter to the skeleton army, one of the most dangerous cards in the game if not countered.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Zap Goblin Barrel

Another easy pick would be the zap spell over the goblin barrel. You don’t want to give your opponent that advantage to zap down one of your win conditions, so you must take it yourself.

So countering is a great strategy for the draft challenge, but there is another strategy that you might not have thought of….

Pick the Cheaper Card

Picking the cheaper card in this type of challenge can absolutely screw your opponent over. If you give them a 3 elixir, a 5 elixir, and 2 6 elixir cards, then that is an average of 5 elixir just for your 5 cards. It is nearly impossible to counter when your cards cost that much. Let’s go through some scenarios.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Zap Lightning

For this exchange, it is an easy decision. Taking the zap for 4 elixir less is a great call because it is cheaper by a lot and much more versatile.

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Royal Giant Golem

For this one, the royal giant is the right choice to make. It is cheaper, plus it doesn’t require as much build-up to have an effective push. The royal giant can also be used with goblins or another cheap card for the same cost as the golem.

I hope that these two strategies will help you win or at least help you make better decisions in the cards you choose. Thanks a ton for reading and I hope you guys all hit 12 wins in this challenge!

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3 thoughts on “Clash Royale Draft Challenge: Strategies to Win

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  2. I know it’s old, but i think you forgot 1 tip: ALWAYS choose the elite barbarians even if the other card was their counter


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