Clash Royale Night Witch Draft Challenge

The Night Witch Draft Challenge for Clash Royale will be starting tomorrow, with the chance to unlock the newest legendary, night witch if you are able to hit 12 wins in the special event! Here’s some advice on how to win the night witch draft challenge, along with explanation on what the night witch draft challenge is.

Night Witch Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Night Witch Draft Challenge Explanation

Here are some key points surrounding when, what, and how the night witch draft challenge will work!

  • Your first entry for the challenge is free (any after should be 100 gems)
  • Classic draft mode: Choose between two cards; you get one and your opponent gets the other
  • One of you gets to choose to play with or against the night witch
  • Once you unlock the night witch, it can appear in any chest before the May 31st release!

Night Witch Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Besides the night witch being unlocked at 12 wins, there are other rewards, just like with most of these troop special events. The big reward is when you complete the challenge at 12 wins and get the night witch, but let’s go over the rewards you can earn before you reach the night witch.

  • 2 wins: Gold chest
  • 4 wins: 8,000 gold
  • 6 wins: Magical chest
  • 9 wins: 25,000 gold

So those are all awesome rewards for a free challenge! Even if you aren’t able to hit 12 wins, you should still participate in this challenge since you will get a free chest, along with these milestone rewards for getting wins. But how are you supposed to win in the night witch draft challenge? Here are some tips and tricks for getting 12 wins!

Night Witch Draft Challenge Clash Royale Rewards

How to Win the Night Witch Draft Challenge

The draft challenge is by far the hardest special event to win, because it does require a bit of luck from what cards you receive as well as your skill of using these cards. Check out our guide of how to win draft challenges for some tips on what cards to choose and how to plan your strategy for draft challenges.

But because the night witch is in this draft challenge, you should always pick the cards that counter her. Since either your opponent gets the night witch and you are able to counter it, or you receive the night witch and your opponent is unable to counter, you will be covered! Here’s are the best counter cards to the night witch…

  • Lightning: The lightning is strong enough to take down the night witch, but make sure to at least hit another troop or the tower or it will be a huge negative elixir trade.
  • Executioner: Since the night witch spawns bats, the executioner is prime to do damage to the night witch while not taking any damage from the bats.
  • Rocket: Not as great as the lightning, but if you can time the rocket correctly, it will offer the same value as the lightning while doing more damage to the opponent’s tower.

Night Witch Draft Challenge Clash Royale

So that is going to do it for our night witch draft challenge preview! Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of the night witch based off the gameplay so far. See you soon with more Clash Royale content!

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