Elixir Monster and Trap LEAKED in Clash Royale April Update!

The elixir monster and trap were officially leaked in Clash Royale by the Clash Royale twitter account today! Now, it is April Fool’s Day, so you might be thinking that this is all a joke, but I’m fairly confident it’s not! Here is the troll April Fool’s Day tweet that Clash Royale sent out:

Now the “Future of Clan Battles” is obviously a joke; there is just no way the logistics for this could work well. It would be sweet to see, but it is pretty clear that this is a real April Fool’s joke for Clash Royale! However, there are parts of this that aren’t a troll at all…

If you look on the far left side, this picture of the trap is just hanging out there:

Clash Royale Trap Leaked Update

Now, I already wrote an article about how the trap was leaked already on Reddit, which you can read about here. This would probably be a building with infinite lifetime, that goes away after it “traps” whatever comes inside.

But besides the trap, we see another new troop that has been talked before in the first Radio Royale, the elixir monster off to the right of the picture:

Clash Royale Elixir Monster Leaked Update

Now this has been discussed in detail before and seems like a very neat concept. It works sort of like a golem, but its “golemites” will grow back into a full size elixir monster if they aren’t killed. Might be OP, but if this card really is released, I’m sure Clash Royale will have thought it over a lot.

So those are the two leaked cards in Clash Royale’s April Fool’s joke. Now, I understand that this might be an April Fool’s prank too, but I think that Clash Royale really is showing us two cards that will be implemented into the game in May! Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of these new troops!

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6 thoughts on “Elixir Monster and Trap LEAKED in Clash Royale April Update!

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  2. I think the more than 2v2 battles are actually a real possibility, considering that it just the same program but for more people. Also, what’s funny is that the phone/iPad/tablet will have to be flipped horizontally, but I actually like holding it like that more.


  3. Oh, I really hope that’s when the elixir monster dies instead of splitting into elixirmites, I hope he’ll instantly refill half of the elixir barely


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