New Leagues and Draft Chests in March 2017 Update

Leagues are here in Clash Royale and will be coming in the March 2017 update! The leagues consist of challenger league, master league, and champion league, but these leagues on start above 4,000 trophies. Today I’ll be giving you guys an overview of leagues along with the chests that come with them!

Clash Royale Leagues Draft Chests March Update

Leagues Overview

So the new legendary arena will start at 3,800, but leagues will begin at 4,000 trophies, where the current reset is now. There are 9 leagues in total, starting with Challenger I and going up to Ultimate Champion league. Here’s all the leagues in order and what trophy count they consist of!

Challenger Leagues

In the challenger tier, you range from 4,000 trophies to 4,899 trophies. When the season resets, all players in challenger leagues will be reset back to 4,000 trophies.

Clash Royale Challenger I 4000 Trophies

Clash Royale Challenger II 4300 Trophies

Master Leagues

Next up is the master leagues, which consist of players in the trophy count from 4,900-5,799. Master leagues contain more rewards in their chests, along with being reset at 4,300 trophies the next season.

Clash Royale Master I 4900 Trophies

Clash Royale Master II 5200 Trophies

Clash Royale Master III 5500 Trophies

Champion Leagues

Lastly, we have the champion leagues which are only for the gemmed up accounts! This trophy range will consist of 5,800 onwards, with three different champion names. Players from these leagues will be reset down to 4,600 trophies.

Clash Royale Champion League 5800 Trophies

Clash Royale Grand Champion League 6100 Trophies

That is all the 9 leagues that will be in Clash Royale after the March 2017 update drops! So I’ve mentioned chests a couple of times, lets get into more detail on that!

League Draft Chests


So perhaps the best detail of the leagues are the league chests. Based on what league you finish in at the end of the season, you will receive a chest full of big rewards. Here are the rewards for the smallest chest, Challenger I, along with the biggest chest from Ultimate Champion!

Clash Royale Challenger I Chest Rewards

Clash Royale Ultimate Champion Chest Rewards

If you were a close reader, you might have noticed that it says “CHOOSE what you want from 8 pairs of cards”. That’s right, for league chests, you get to choose what cards you get! Of course, you can’t pick any card you want, but you do get to choose between two choices of cards for each card that you would normally get. These cards will be the same rarity.

Clash Royale Draft Chest Ultimate Champion League

So for these chests, you get to decide for all the cards, regardless of rarity. That means, if you do get a legendary out of one of these chests, you get to choose which legendary you receive!

Clash Royale Draft Chest Ultimate Champion League

That just about wraps it up for new leagues and draft chests! All of this looks super awesome and should be dropping within the next few days as part of the March 2017 update! Thanks a ton for reading and comment below what the best part of this update is.

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6 thoughts on “New Leagues and Draft Chests in March 2017 Update

  1. I’m hearing conflicting reports. This says you receive the draft chest based on your trophy count at the end of the season. I’ve also heard that it’s based upon the highest league reached at any point during the season. Meaning, if you reach 5300 trophies, then drop all they way down to 4K when the season ends, you still receive the Master II Draft Chest. Can anyone confirm?


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  3. Wow that sounds awesome! I, and probably every other clash royale player out there, wish that we can choose our reward for ever chest.


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