Brawl Stars on Android/APK + Brawl Stars Release Date

Right now, Brawl Stars is only on iOS, meaning all Android (APK) users can’t play Brawl Stars! Also, Brawl Stars has no set release date, so no one knows when you will be able to play Brawl Stars if you don’t live in Canada. This will explain when you can play Brawl Stars on Android/APK and when the Brawl Stars release date will be!

Brawl Stars Android APK Release Date

Brawl Stars on Android/APK

Before Brawl Stars gets released globally, it will DEFINITELY be out on Android. The Supercell team wants to test out Brawl Stars on all devices before worldwide release, which means that we will certainly be seeing a beta version of Brawl Stars on Android.

That being said it is unclear exactly when the Android version of Brawl Stars will be released in beta. My guess is that it will be pretty soon, not within the week, but probably within a good 2-3 weeks. Definitely before August though; my guess is early July.

If you are an Android/APK user and really want to see Brawl Stars come out for your device, let the Supercell team know it! This means tweeting at them, going on the Brawl Stars reddit, or even commenting on websites and YouTubes like ours! If Brawl Stars sees that the community wants it badly, they will surely make it happen.

Brawl Stars Release Date

So besides being released on Android, the other big release date that everyone is waiting for is the worldwide release of Brawl Stars. However, it isn’t guaranteed to be released worldwide as Supercell has killed many gems in beta such as the following.

  • Pets vs. Orcs
  • Battle Buddies
  • Spooky Pop


However, I believe that Brawl Stars has more than garnered enough interest to be released worldwide. Already, it is one of the top 3 grossing apps in Canada (behind Clash of Clans and Clash Royale :D), showing that players want to invest in this game. I believe that we will see the worldwide release of Brawl Stars sometime in late July or early August. Remember, it took Clash Royale 2 months to move out of beta.

I hope that you guys got a little bit of inside around the beta mode of Brawl Stars. I can guarantee you that we will be seeing the Android version shortly and hopefully the global launch of Brawl Stars shortly after that! Comment down below what date you think Brawl Stars will be released worldwide.

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16 thoughts on “Brawl Stars on Android/APK + Brawl Stars Release Date

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  3. Supercell please when I say please I mean really please at least make the android beta release now I am a true supercell fan and it would be amazing for me to play Brawl Stars.


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