Shrink Trap Strategy Guide for Clash of Clans!

The shrink trap is the newest event for the Clash of Clans Clashiversary update, introduced to us by the witch builder. The shrink trap is an awesome new trap, enabling you to shrink, weaken, and slow enemy troops invading your base! Let’s go over the shrink trap, talking about base design and strategy with the new trap!

Clash of Clans Shrink Trap

Shrink Trap Tips and Background

The shrink trap is the 3rd part of the Clashiversary event, coming after the battle ram and the giant builder huts. Instead of barbarians and giants, this time the builder hut is taken over by the witch. The witch uses her sorcery to cook up the shrink trap! This isn’t the only temporary trap that has come out, with the freeze trap appearing last Christmas for the Merry Clashmas event! Now that we know all of that history about the shrink trap, let’s go ahead and jump into more precise detail about the shrink trap itself.

Shrink Trap Clash of Clans

Besides the giant bomb, the shrink trap is the only trap that takes up 2×2 space, making it more difficult to find a place for in your base than the normal 1×1 traps like the bomb and seeking air mine. Unlike the giant bomb though, it targets both ground and air troops when activated. Here are the complete statistics for the shrink trap in Clash of Clans!

Shrink Trap Statistics Clash of Clans

The thing that really irks me about the shrink trap is that it doesn’t tell you how much it affects the troops that it gets sprung on. We know that it does slow and decrease damage of the troops, but it doesn’t say how much slowing and damaging decreasing we actually get. At least we do know how long the shrink trap lasts, a solid 20 seconds! That’s some background about the shrink trap in Clash of Clans; now let’s go ahead and talk some strategy and base design about this new trap!

Shrink Trap Strategy and Base Design

So there are two ways to go about base design with the shrink trap. First off, you can place it on the outside of your base so that when the first offensive troops hit the trap, they are slowed for the beginning of the battle. This way you can get off to a nice start, killing off the weakened troops before they do any real damage to your base.

Shrink Trap Base Design Clash of Clans

The second way you can incorporate the shrink trap into your base design is by placing it into the core of your base. When a base layout features a shrink trap in the center, it will work against the troops from taking the Town Hall and from killing some of the more important defenses that will be located in the center of your base design.

Shrink Trap Base Design Clash of Clans

That’s all we’ve got today for the newest Clash of Clans trap, the shrink trap! I’m personally loving this new trap and everything that the Clashiversary is adding into Clash of Clans. Thanks a million for taking time to read this strategy guide and go ahead and comment your views on the shrink trap down below!

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