Best Decks to Win the Ramp Up Challenge

The newest challenge in Clash Royale is here, the Ramp Up Challenge! In the Ramp Up Challenge, your elixir changes from 1x elixir in the first minute, to 2x elixir in the second minute, all the way up to 3x elixir in the final minute. Due to the odd nature of the challenge, you are going to need some amazing decks in order to win the Ramp Up Challenge in Clash Royale!

Ramp Up Challenge Decks Clash Royale

Best Ramp Up Challenge Decks

First off, let’s explain what is going to make a deck great in the Ramp Up Challenge. This is such a different challenge mode because your elixir intake actually changes twice throughout the battle. That means that you will need a deck that can function well in both heavy, beatdown gameplay (3x and 2x elixir) and quicker, more cycle based gameplay (2x and 1x elixir). The decks below all have two great win conditions, one cheap and the other heavy to guarantee the best gameplay in this challenge.

Golem Lumberjack Deck:

Ramp Up Challenge Golem Lumberjack Deck Clash Royale

Without a doubt, the golem is the best card to play during triple elixir. With so much elixir, coming in so fast, you will be able to build up a massive push around your golem, hopefully with all of your support cards in tow (baby dragon, lumberjack, mega minion, and electro wizard). This deck doesn’t have a great early game strategy (1x elixir), but as long as you play defense and get a bit of chip damage early, it will be hard to lose with the golem on your side in triple elixir!

Giant Miner Deck:

Ramp Up Challenge Giant Miner Deck Clash Royale

Out of all the decks that we have in this Ramp Up Challenge guide, this giant miner deck is probably the most balanced out of the four. This deck can work great in any situation, regardless of the elixir multiplier. You have the bandit and miner for some early damage in single elixir, but don’t be afraid to have a giant head down one of the lanes during the first minute. This deck will also work well late, allowing you to build up a solid combination, with the giant tanking and having support cards trail in behind.

PEKKA Hog Rider Deck:Ramp Up Challenge PEKKA Hog Deck Clash Royale

This deck is the perfect embodiment of the Ramp Up Challenge in Clash Royale. We have heavy-hitting units (PEKKA), combined with quick cycle cards (hog+goblins) that makes a perfect deck. Of course, early on, you are going to want to turn to your hog rider to get a few hits on the tower, but later in the battle, trust your PEKKA to get some damage done. The electro-wizard is the ideal support unit in this challenge, offering value in both cheap and expensive pushes.

LavaLoonion Deck: 

Ramp Up Challenge LavaLoonion Deck Clash Royale

Finally, we have one of the most classic decks in Clash Royale, which was able to make an appearance on our top 4 decks list. The reason why is because LavaLoonion will work great in any scenario, which shows after a solid 6 months at the top of the meta. This deck is extremely versatile, allowing you flexibility to react and play however your opponent turns the game. You can go heavy with the full lava hound push, but also go light with a quick balloon down the lane.

With those 4 decks, you guys should all be able to make your way through the Ramp Up Challenge, hopefully being able to reach 12 wins and claim the glory of winning this special challenge!! I think that this challenge is going to be phenomenal and be a great way to mix up the stressful gameplay of the ladder. That’s going to do it for the article; thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the new challenge!

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