Quests+New Gamemodes in Clash Royale October Update

Clash Royale conducted a developer Q&A today on Reddit and gave some very useful information on what is coming in the October 2017 update for Clash Royale. Within the update, we will be seeing quests and new gamemodes added to Clash Royale! I’ve compiled a list about everything we know for the October update, both from Reddit and the Clash Royale team’s answers… enjoy!

Quests New Gamemode Clash Royale October 2017 Update

October Update Overview Video

Quests in October Update

Let’s go ahead and look into the biggest update for the October update and the one I am most excited about, quests! Now, it is unclear what quests will be, how often they will start, and what rewards you will gain from completing them, but we do know that you will be “on” quests which will give you a reward for completion. Some ideas for examples of quests, with an specific quest in parathesis, are as follows:

  • Troop specific quests (win 5 battles with the balloon)
  • Army specific quests (win 5 battles using the LavaLoon strategy (lava hound and balloon))
  • Clan related quests (donate 100 cards to your clanmates)

Those are just some ideas about what quests might be in Clash Royale. Now that we have some background, let’s go ahead and show you how Clash Royale announced quests for their October 2017 update! First off, we had this reply from the team, early on in the Q&A session:

Clash Royale Quests October 2017 Update

There is no way to describe this except for a straight up leak, with the Clash Royale team telling us that quests will be in the next update. The next update has been confirmed MULTIPLE times by the Clash Royale team to be in early October of 2017. So we know that quests will be coming in this update due to this simple, one word reply by the Clash Royale team.

Next up, the dev team also confirmed quests once again by replying to another question, stating all the spoilers that have been leaked through this Q&A session.

Clash Royale Quests October 2017 Update

Now along with quests, Clash Royale also said that a “NEW GAME MODE” has been part of the spoilers. Let’s take a look at the multiple times the new gamemode has been referenced throughout the Q&A.

New Gamemode in October Update

The first time we heard about a new gamemode coming to Clash Royale in the October update was in this post right here.

Clash Royale New Gamemode October 2017 Update

This Reddit user asked if we can expect a new special challenge game (like draft mode or double elixir) in the future and Clash Royale enthusiastically responded “yes!”. We don’t really know what this gamemode is, but Clash Royale once again affirmed this leak in a later reply:

Clash Royale New Gamemode October 2017 Update

This one is sort of long, but we get the gist that Clash Royale wants to add variety into the game by introducing new gamemodes, some of which are coming in the next update!

So that is going to wrap it up for everything Clash Royale said in this Q&A, giving us a lot of leaked insight into the October 2017 update. Personally, I can’t wait to see what quests are all about and play some of these new gamemodes that the Clash Royale team is so excited about. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you think of these new update developments!

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