How to Win Brawl Ball in Brawl Stars

The newest gamemode in Brawl Stars is here, Brawl Ball! This new gamemode is sort of like soccer and a whole bunch of fun. Today, I’m going to teach you how to win Brawl Ball, giving tips about Brawl Ball and telling you the best brawlers to use in Brawl Ball!

How to Win Brawl Ball Brawl Stars

Tips to Win Brawl Ball

Brawl Ball is unlike any of the other gamemodes in Brawl Stars, featuring a lot of independent play mixed with a team effort that must come together if you want to win. Within this article, I have 5 great tips for you guys that will go miles in helping you win Brawl Ball matches.

#1- You can’t shoot when you have the ball: One of the absolute fundamentals of Brawl Ball is that you won’t be able to shoot or attack while you are carrying the ball. This severely hinders your team and basically requires your teammates to defend you while you are dribbling, since you will have no way to defend yourself. Plan for this and help out your teammates while they have the ball.

Brawl Ball Strategy Brawl Stars

#2- Shoot down the boxes by the goal: At the beginning of every Brawl Ball match, the area for scoring (where you have to get the ball in order to score a goal) is only 3 tiles wide. You can more than double this width by destroying the boxes on the edges of the goal. This will allow you 7 tiles to get the ball through and make it much easier to score!

Brawl Ball Strategy Brawl Stars

#3- You have to walk or shoot the ball into the goal: Contrary to popular belief, you CAN shoot the ball into the goal, as well as dribble it in. You can shoot the ball by the same action as shooting a gun in Brawl Stars. Just tap the spot where you want the ball to head towards and you will kick the ball there. Once you get close to the goal, save some time (and possibly yourself) by aiming for the goal!

Brawl Ball Strategy Brawl Stars

#4- Follow the ball by the ball indicator: A very helpful part of Brawl Ball is the ball indicator which appears when the ball is no longer on your screen. If you ever lose the ball and don’t know where the action is, you can follow the ball indicator back into the fray!

Brawl Ball Strategy Brawl Stars

#5- Dying can have you respawn by the goal for defense: Whenever you die and respawn, you will respawn right next to your goal. This can be very helpful on defense. For instance, if you are a long way away from the ball, you can die and be teleported back to defend your goal within 5 seconds!

Brawl Ball Strategy Brawl Stars

Best Brawlers for Support in Brawl Ball

Now that we’ve learned the basics to gameplay for Brawl Ball and some tips to help you win, let’s talk about what the best brawlers for playing Brawl Ball. Within Brawl Ball, there are two different roles that you can play: support and carrier. In support, you want to defend whoever the ball carrier is, working to ward off any of the opposing brawlers. The best support brawlers for Brawl Ball are long range, quick, and have enough health to take a couple hits! Based on those requirements, these are the best brawlers for playing support during Brawl Ball.

  • Bo (does a ton of damage to a concentrated area)
  • Piper (is able to shoot from far away to damage opponents)
  • Pam (great for warding off the big groups of brawlers)

Best Brawlers Brawl Ball Brawl Stars

Best Brawlers for Carrying the Ball in Brawl Ball

On the complete opposite side of strategy, we have the best brawlers for carrying the ball and hopefully scoring in Brawl Ball. Since these brawlers will be taking a lot of fire, you want them to have a ton of health in order to tank a lot. Also, their attack doesn’t matter much because they will rarely be firing off any shots (see Tip #1). Based off all that, here are the best brawlers for carrying in Brawl Ball!

Note: Mortis is great for this because he can reach the ball extremely quickly!

  • Mortis (fast speed means breaking away from the pack)
  • El Primo (huge health=lots of tankiness)
  • Bull (second most health after El Primo)

Best Brawlers Brawl Ball Brawl Stars

That’s all I have for you guys today concerning Brawl Ball in Brawl Stars! I am absolutely LOVING this new gamemode and hope that you are too. Thanks for reading and comment your first opinions on Brawl Ball below!

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