Flying Machine Release Date INCOMING!

The flying machine is just days away from being released in Clash Royale, with a further sneak peek at the flying machine announced today by the Clash Royale team. The flying machine will be Clash Royale’s newest troop and the third card released from the June 2017 update!

Clash Royale Flying Machine New Card Release Date

Flying Machine Release Date

Today, on September 20th, 2017, Clash Royale put out this tweet, signifying that the flying machine is the next card to be released and also be released very soon!

Most likely, the flying machine is going to appear in our coming soon section of the game on Friday, meaning that it will be a little more two weeks before the flying machine is available in Clash Royale. Of course though, there will be a flying machine challenge, probably taking place in a week and half in which you can win the flying machine early!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a lot of content, but the important thing is that we know the flying machine will be coming very soon to Clash Royale. I don’t think this card will impact the meta too much, but it is a very neat concept for a rare card. Thanks for reading and comment your opinions of the new flying machine in the comment section below!

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