Quests Sneak Peek for Clash Royale October Update

Quests have finally been revealed in Clash Royale, with the first sneak peek of the October 2017 update coming today regarding these epic quests! Quests look awesome and I’m going to show you how to win quests, what rewards you get from quests, and what happened to the free chests in today’s article. So far this Clash Royale October update looks amazing!

Quests Sneak Peek Clash Royale October Update

Quests Overview and Rewards

First off, quests are a huge new feature to Clash Royale, so where exactly do you go to play it? Well, with the removal of free chests from Clash Royale, quests are going to take over their spot on the main battle screen.Quests Clash Royale October Update

Quests are going to be certain challenges that you complete to earn quest points, which can be used to unlock some pretty large chests, including Super Magical and Legendary chests. Of course, it does take a bit of time and a lot of quests to unlock the huge chests adding up to about a month of play. Here’s the home screen of quests, which shows the chest you are currently working on, along with what quests you can complete at the time.

Quests Clash Royale October Update

The chest is going to be preassigned, following a cycle pattern separate from 2v2 or 1v1 chests. You will be getting mini rewards for each individual quest you complete, whether it be a few cards or a couple hundred gold. When you complete a quest, you will earn the rewards and add the quests points to your total towards unlocking the next chests. The smallest amount of quests points needed is 50 for a golden chest while you need 500 for a super magical chest. It’s unclear whether it is a designated cycle or just random, but here’s the cycle if it does indeed work like that.

Gold-Magical-Gold-Giant-Legendary-Gold-Giant-Gold-Super Magical-Magical

So what happens if you don’t like a certain quests or are unable to complete it? Well, you can remove a quest a day, giving you a brand new quest to try and complete instead.Replace a Quest Clash Royale October Update

That is just about all the details we have on quests right now, let’s go ahead and discuss daily gifts and the removal of free chests from Clash Royale!

What Happened to Free Chests?

Free chests were an integral part of Clash Royale, giving a few basic rewards for free each day. While free chests were removed, you will still be getting free rewards which can be used to get quests points as well.

Free Chests Removed Clash Royale October Update

These daily rewards are very small gifts of a few cards or some gold which will also reward you with 5 quest points. The rewards will increase every day in a row you come back, ending at 5 days! Here’s an example of a 5 day cycle of daily gifts.

Daily Gift Clash Royale October Update

So that is going to wrap it up for the entire quests sneak peek. There will be more and more sneak peeks coming from Clash Royale for the  October update so stay tuned to see what else this update brings us! Thanks for reading and comment below what your opinion of quests is!

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