Clash Royale Gold Rush Event Rewards and Details

The first Clash Royale gold rush event is here, bringing tons of extra gold with it. Gold rush is a brand new Clash Royale event, added in the October update, that gives you gold for taking down towers in 1v1 mode! Here are some details and the rewards for gold rush in Clash Royale!

Gold Rush Event Clash Royale

Gold Rush Event Details

This is the first gold/gem event since it was added to Clash Royale in the October update, so you guys might need a bit of background on the event. This gives you an opportunity to earn more gold than normal battles usually would give you. You earn this bonus gold by destroying an opponent’s tower, which will increase the more towers you take out in a battle.

Gold Rush Event Clash Royale

The gold rush event is only in 1v1 mode, to give an incentive for more players to playing on the ladder. When you jump into a 1v1 battle, you will get gold skins on your towers, showing that the gold rush event is taking place.

Gold Tower Skins Clash Royale

This gold rush event will only be one weekend, taking place from November 3rd to November 6th, 2017. Eventually, we will see a gem rush event and probably many more gold rush events in the future for Clash Royale.

Gold Rush Event Rewards

The rewards for gold rush are purely gold driven, giving you a certain amount of gold based on what arena you are in and how many towers you take down. Here’s a chart, from Clash Royale wiki, that shows how much gold you get per tower and your maximum gold based on which arena you are in.

Gold Rush Event Rewards Clash Royale

So you can see that the higher the arena, the bigger the gold rewards! Try to push up this weekend so that you can get a bit of extra gold from the gold rush event.

That is going to wrap it up for our gold rush event overview! I’m really excited to get a bit more gold into my account so that upgrades will be a lot easier. Thanks for reading and comment below your thoughts on the gold rush event in Clash Royale!

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