Clash Royale December 2017 Update LEAKED!

The Clash Royale December 2017 update has been leaked, coming from a reddit post from the official Clash Royale team. Within the new Clash Royale update, we are seeing skins for towers, a new card rarity, and new emotes! Now, we don’t know if all of this new content is coming in December, but chances are that we will see a majority of these features updated into Clash Royale next update. Here’s the full list of updates the developer team is currently working on!

Clash Royale New Chest New Card Leaked December 2016 Update

Clash Royale Possible December Update Features

So the Clash Royale developer team put out a post that said all of the commonly requested features that the team is currently working on, not ruled out, and no plans to work on. The ones that the team is currently working on are probably the features that will be added once the December 2017 update rolls around. So therefore, here is the probable leaked December update for Clash Royale!

Quality of Life Changes

  • Re-skins for King Towers
  • Seasonal chests – The tech isn’t there at the moment, but might be in the future!
  • Rewind button in replays – The tech is there, but we need to do a bit more work on it
  • Trophy level caps – This is a hot topic in the team space and we’ve talked about it many times (specifically about King levels being a card cap, though, not Arenas)

Clan Related

  • Ability to Donate Legendary cards
  • Clan Wars/Tournaments

Battle Related

  • New emotes
  • Set starting card – we’re thinking about this for a special mode, but not for the ‘main game’ (ladder, etc.)
  • King tower ability changes

New Card Types:

  • Heroes from Clash of Clans

New Game Modes:

  • In-game card ban challenge


  • More customization in custom tournaments
  • Allow the Tournament Host to set which kind of gameplay to play: Draft, Triple Elixir, Casual, etc.
  • In-game bracket tournament
  • Join link to tournaments

The feature that really pops out at me here are skins for the kings tower (combined with seasonal chests). This almost guarantees that Clash Royale is working on Halloween and Christmas themes to go along with Clash of Clans. Also, with the leak about a new card rarity, which I wrote about yesterday, the new card type being heroes almost confirms that the new rarity will also be heroes. This seems like a good basis for an update and I’m sure that there will be many more features added in once December approaches.

That’s going to wrap it up for our leaked December update post. I really think that we will be seeing a ton of these updates in the next Clash Royale update, so be ready. Thanks for reading and comment below which one of these new features you most want to see implemented into the game!

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