New Hero/Mystical Rarity LEAKED in Clash Royale

A new hero or mystical rarity has been leaked in Clash Royale, coming during the newest Flash Royale episode. This leak shows that a new card rarity will be coming during the December 2017 update for Clash Royale. Here’s everything we know about this new hero or mystical rarity!

New Hero Mystical Rarity LEAKED Clash Royale

New Hero/Mystical Rarity

So in the latest episode of Flash Royale, the following image appeared during the “Declashifed” section of the episode. Within the screen, there are three different card rarities, with rare and epic coming before the new rarity.

New Hero Mystical Rarity LEAKED Clash Royale

It is obvious that this card is a new rarity for two different reasons. First off, the red glow around the edges is unlike anything that we’ve seen in Clash Royale yet. The common is blue, rare is orange, epic is purple, and legendary is rainbow. Red means that it might be mythical, as in Brawl Stars, where that card rarity maintains a red theme.

The other reason that this is a new rarity is because that there is no card, just an exclamation mark. This means that there is no card at this rarity YET. With no cards released yet, this could be the new hero card rarity which would feature the barbarian king, archer queen, and grand warden. Even if it isn’t heroes, it is clearly a new card and a new rarity that haven’t been released yet.

So that is going to wrap it up for this December 2017 update leak in Clash Royale featuring a new card rarity. This is big news for Clash Royale, as a new rarity hasn’t been added since legendary cards over a year and a half ago. I am really excited to see what this new card rarity can entail; let me know what you guys think of the new leak in Clash Royale!

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