Electro Valley New Arena in Clash Royale December Update

A new arena has been confirmed in Clash Royale for the December 2017 update through a sneak peek. It is unclear whether this is the first sneak peek for the December update as two new troops have been leaked. Here’s everything we know about the new arena in Clash Royale!

New Arena Clash Royale December 2017 Update

New Arena in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has already (sort of) announced two new cards, the mini-sparky and trapper, through tweets that don’t show the full new card. We still aren’t sure if these two new cards will be from the October 2017 update or released in the new December 2017 update. Whatever the case, in the Clash Royale tweet announcing the new arena, there is no view of the full arena, but instead is cryptic, just like the new card releases. Here’s the sneak peek:

Now clearly this is going to be an arena themed around electricity, based on the wires sparking with charge. I’m not sure of what the name of the new arena could be, Electricity Stadium or Electric Arena are some ideas. As with all arenas, we will see cards themed to the area, starting with the mini-sparky. I’m not sure if the trapper will be in this new arena yet, but we will definitely see once the December 2017 update drops, which should be very soon.

NEW: Electro Valley Confirmed as New Arena

Orange Juice released a video, showing that if you translate the Korean located on the wire, it comes out to mean “Electro Valley”. Here’s the video, so you guys can see for yourself!

That’s all I’ve got right now on the new arena coming in the December 2017 update. It appears that sneak peeks have started in earnest, so we should be expecting the update within the week. Thanks for reading and come back soon for all the December update news for Clash Royale!

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