Best Decks to Win the Modern Royale Challenge

The Modern Royale Challenge is here in Clash Royale, which you can only play cards introduced after the debut of Clash Royale in March 2016. This includes all the legendary cards and a lot of the epic, rare, and comm on cards. Here are the best decks to get 6 wins in the Clash Royale Modern Royale challenge!

Modern Royale Challenge Clash Royale

Best Decks for Modern Royale

Considering that almost no spells have been added in Clash Royale since the global release, you should definitely bring log in every deck that you use in Modern Royale. Also, you should bring either the tornado or poison to help kill any other spam units. Here are 4 awesome decks to help you achieve 6 wins in Modern Royale!

Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck

Miner Skeleton Barrel Deck Modern Royale

The first deck we have for Modern Royale brings all three new spells in Clash Royale, the log, tornado, and poison. Also, we have miner as our main tank, with the electro-wizard and mega minion to support. Both support cards should also be used on defense. Ice spirit is a cheap way to get some chip damage or defend a large push for cheap. Primarily, you are going to rely on miner-poison to deal most of the damage onto the tower.

Log Bait Modern Royale Deck

Log Bait Deck Modern Royale

As mentioned earlier in the article, having only the log and no zap means that log/zap bait is going to be prime within this challenge. Of these cards, goblin gang, dart goblin, guards, and princess are all meant to bait out your opponents log. You have the elite barbarians as your main defensive unit, so that you are able to shut down the mega knight. The miner can provide a tank for the rest of your log bait deck, while log should be in every deck for Modern Royale.

Mega Knight Executioner Deck

Mega Knight Executioner Deck Modern Royale

Of all the new cards that have been added in Clash Royale, mega knight is the most obvious as a win condition. Combined with the executioner and tornado, mega knight can be a deadly combo. You have a lot of support cards in this deck, with guards and the ice wizard acting as defensive cards, while bats can be a cheap support unit behind your mega knight. The main damage dealer here is going to be the mega knight executioner combination.

Mega Knight Inferno Dragon Deck

Mega Knight Inferno Dragon Deck Modern Royale

Mega knight hog is one of the most OP decks in Clash Royale right now, which this deck is the closest to mirroring. Out of all the cards in that deck, we keep 7, trading out the hog rider for the miner. Everything else remains the same, so if you know mega knight-hog, this is the deck for you. The ideal scenario is to build up with your mega knight as the main tank, supported by the inferno dragon and electro-wizard. Log, of course, is a must, dealing with any log bait cards.

That’s all for our deck guide for the Modern Royale challenge in Clash Royale! I hope that all of you guys are able to get 6 wins and complete the challenge. Thanks for reading and comment below how you do in Modern Royale!

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5 thoughts on “Best Decks to Win the Modern Royale Challenge

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  2. Looks like EBarbs isn’t just for no skill wins, with skills, they can be a great defensive card as well! Also are you trying to promote EBarbs with your second deck?!


  3. Mega Knight is really OP in this challenge, the only cards that can counter him in this challenge (Apart from himself) are Bats, Guards, Dark Prince, Lumberjack, Night Witch , Inferno Dragon, Log, Tornado, Ice Spirit ,Ice Golem and Maybe EBarbs


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