New Electro Dragon Troop Coming in Clash of Clans

The newest Clash of Clans troop has been officially announced, the electro dragon. The electro dragon will be available at Town Hall 11 and will be coming in the June 2018 update to CoC. Here’s all the information and gameplay surrounding the newest troop in Clash of Clans, the electro dragon!

Electro Dragon Gameplay

This morning, Clash of Clans tweeted out this awesome hype video for the electro dragon, showing us exactly what will be coming with the June update.

So it appears that the electro dragon will be kind of similar to a normal dragon, except that it has a bit different of an attack and has a lightning spell appear when it dies. Here’s the electro dragon’s normal attack, which acts kind of like a bowler and jumps to multiple buildings at once.

Electro Dragon Attack Clash of Clans

To make it even better, the electro dragon, much like the Super PEKKA in Builder Base, will release extra damage when it dies. In this case, the electro dragon will have a lightning spell reign down after death.

Electro Dragon Attack Clash of Clans

With an entire lightning spell coming down after death, the electro dragon has to be a pretty expensive unit that takes up a whole lot of space in your army camps right? Well, indeed it is, with a 30 housing space, as well as an overall 6 minute training time with a cost of 44,000 elixir at level 3. Here are the full stats for the electro dragon at a maxed out level 3.

Electro Dragon Statistics Clash of Clans

Still with all of those high HP and high damage stats, the electro dragon should definitely be worth it in your army camps. Hopefully the electro dragon will provide another air attack besides LavaLoonion. We will have to wait and see where it fits into the meta at Town Hall 11 and Town Hall 12.

I am super stoked for this new troop and can’t wait to see exactly how the gameplay works. The June update is really inching closer and should be out within a week. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the new electro dragon troop!

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