Clash Royale Common Card Rankings (February 2019)

It is time for a new common card rankings for all the common cards in Clash Royale! We will be having a power ranking, #24 to #1, of the common cards in Clash Royale as of February 2019. As many of you know, I have done this ranking before, back in November when there was 24 common cards. The top 5 cards then, in order, were zap, goblin gang, bats, minions, and ice spirit. Let’s see how much those rankings were shaken up over the past couple balance changes and updates!

You can view the old ranking here:

Clash Royale Ranking the Common Cards

How the Common Cards are Ranked

When ranking these cards we put a lot of thought and effort into what makes the best common card the best. We are considering a variety of different ways to rank which are order in importance as follows:

  1. Versatility
  2. Cost/Damage Ratio (is the card worth it?)
  3. Strength on defense and offense

So now that you know what we are judging on, lets go ahead and get into the rankings, starting with number 24!

Note: Text color indicates which way the card is trending in regard to the November rankings.

Common Card Rankings

#24- Bomber

Clash Royale Bomber

The bomber has been at the bottom of the common card rankings for quite a while and will continue to stay there unless a massive buff happens. The real problem with the bomber is that every other splash damage card can deal air damage. Since the bomber can’t he often gets subbed out for a card that can, like the wizard or ice wizard.

#23- Elite Barbarians

Elite Barbarians Clash Royale

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the elite barbarians this low on the list, but it is sad to have these guys no longer strike the fear of God into players. They are way too easy to counter now, especially for 6 elixir. Even at the dreaded 4,000 trophy range, you are seeing elite barbs less and less, showing the decline since the reign of terror.

#22- Barbarians

Barbarians Clash Royale

Once again, barbarians are going to slot in towards the bottom of the common cards. Don’t get me wrong, this is a powerful card, but they offer almost no offensive value so you can really only use them on defense. But, once on defense, you can have better defense for less elixir, which explains why the barbarians just aren’t meta at the moment.

#21- GoblinsGoblins Clash Royale

Remember the days of 2016 where that hog goblin freeze deck was completely OP? Now, goblins have been delegated to a second-tier role, often being outclassed by other 2 elixir cards. Every time a new air card is added to Clash Royale, the value of goblins decrease since bats and spear goblins are favored over them.

#20- Royal Recruits

Royal Recruits Clash Royale

I’m definitely glad to see the royal recruits finally looking up a tad, after insane balancing have kept them at the very top and the very bottom of the meta game. Now, at 7 elixir and increased stats, the royal recruits are slowly gaining ground, though they aren’t a serious option for a win condition card. The nerf to the 3M isn’t going to help split lane decks either.

#19- Fire Spirits

Fire Spirits Clash Royale

As far as common cards go, fire spirits aren’t my favorite, but it still seems weird to see them all the way down at #19. Since permanent cards offer a clear advantage, fire spirit that fade after a single jump aren’t a favorite among cards. Still, with the proper tweaking, fire spirits can definitely become a prime defensive option.

#18- Skeleton Barrel

Skeleton Barrel Clash Royale

Since the start of 2018, the skeleton barrel has been buffed or nerfed 3 times, bringing a lot of change around for this offensive weapon. Despite all of these changes, the skeleton barrel still hasn’t found a great spot, filtering in and out of the meta, seemingly based on how popular the mega knight is at the time. This card needs to be locked in a better spot.

#17- Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins Clash of Clans

Even with the goblin hut sitting pretty low in the rare card rankings right now, spear goblins are rising up a bit, slotting in at #17. The real issue is that these guys can be killed by any spell in the game. Also, there are better bait cards that exist, so they don’t even have that doing for them. But as a cheap way to counter balloon or lava hound, SGs will take the cake.

#16- Giant Snowball

Giant Snowball Clash Royale

In these common card rankings, the giant snowball is going to drop the most, falling 5 spots to #16. I really love the mechanics behind the giant snowball, but too many cheap damage spells outclass it, namely barbarian barrel, log, and zap, 3 of the top 10 cards in Clash Royale. If the slowing effect is elongated, the giant snowball would be in a much better place.

#15- Arrows

Arrows Clash Royale

Similarly to the giant snowball, arrows are being negatively impacted by the OP 3 cheap spells mentioned above. However, since arrows can completely take out cards like minion horde and goblin barrel, they are used more commonly. Really, if there weren’t cheap splash damage cards (ice golem, ice spirit) that added to zap damage, arrows would be at the top.

#14- Cannon

Cannon Clash Royale

Do I hear a resurrection of the cannon?? As a three elixir defense, the cannon can offer great value for the ever-increasing amount of cards that target buildings. For a cheap counter, this thing can deal huge damage to cards like the hog rider, battle ram, and giant. Of course, it usually needs to be supplemented, but for 3 elixir it is worth it.

#13- Tesla

Tesla Clash Royale

For now, the tesla remains just above the cannon in terms of the meta game. Since lava hound has suddenly risen to the top of the meta, there is more of a need for the tesla than ever before. Also, with the popularity of the fireball, having the tesla hide can prevent chip spell damage during big pushes.

#12- Rascals

Rascals Clash Royale

Personally, I’m glad that the rascals are no longer a top 10 common card. As a 5 elixir defensive option, I feel like a rank just inside the 50 percentile is perfect for the card type. The rascals offer a strong defense to a lot of different offensive combinations, while also giving you the ability to counterpush by adding in a few extra elixir of troops.

#11- Archers

Archers Clash Royale

We’ve already mentioned the popularity of the 3 cheap spells, which is why archers are on the rise. Since none of the 3 can directly take out archers, these girls benefit from not being a negative elixir spell to a two elixir spell. They can start on the defensive end as a strong counter and then immediately transition to offense.

#10- Royal Giant

New Troop Royal Giant Clash of Clans

I’m just going to put this right out there: this is the highest ranking the royal giant has received since the original rankings back in June 2017. Ever since the buff that increased damage but shortened range, the royal giant has been a much better win condition to use. Now, with a top 10 common card ranking in its hand, the sky is the limit.

#9- Minion Horde

Clash Royale Minion Horde

This low minion horde ranking is partly because of the three musketeers nerf that will be happening. Because the minion horde pairs as such good fireball bait for the 3M, it will surely see a usage rate hit. However, the minion horde remains one of the most devastating cards in Clash Royale if uncountered, giving it a top 10 ranking.

#8- Knight

Knight Clash Royale

Yes, yes, despite the buff to the knight coming in the February balance changes, the knight is still falling in the rankings. It did only go from #7 to #8 though, partly because of the rise of one card, mentioned later. The knight is a great defensive option, no doubt, and should only be getting better after this buff gives it even more hitpoints.

#7- Minions

Minions Clash Royale

Minions are one of my favorite cards in Clash Royale, so it pains me a bit to see them fall out of the top 5 common cards. Despite still being a great card, their usage rate has slowly been falling since the new year. They still fit well into almost any deck, which adds versatility, but like their fellow minion horde, they are falling a bit.

#6- Goblin Gang

Goblin Gang Clash Royale

With the rise of the skeleton army to the top, goblin gang is getting slighted a bit, but it’s still a great defensive option against nearly any combination. In a pinch against the balloon? Goblin gang will get the job done! Need a perfect counter against a hog rider? Drop the goblin gang right in front of it! This card can do it all on defense.

#5- Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit Clash Royale

I feel as if the meta we are in favors cycle cards a ton, which is great for the 1 elixir ice spirit. Having a brief freeze, as well as some damage, will always be worth the one elixir. While the ice spirit is no longer the best common card, it is still one of the best in the game and fits into cycle decks so well that it was seemingly born for the hog rider.

#4- MortarClash Royale Mortar

Without a doubt, the mortar is our biggest riser in these rankings, heading up an unprecedented 14 spots. If you are playing ladder, you might not notice the dominance of the mortar, but in challenges, the mortar has a 57% win percentage, which is great for a win condition. It should have received a nerf in these balance changes, but instead we will have at least a month more of its dominance.

#3- Bats

Bats Clash Royale

Once again, bats are going to slot in at number 3, being one of the best cheap counters in the game. Having a 2 elixir flying troop makes it easier to counter cheaply, especially since there are 5 bats. Pair these guys in literally any type of deck and you will find success. Slot in behind a huge tank like the PEKKA or golem and the bats will shake your push up.

#2- Skeletons

Skeletons Clash Royale

While the mortar takes the cake for the highest climber, skeletons also did a ton of movement, jumping up to #2 in these rankings. Like I said with the ice spirit, cycle is in right now, and having the 3 skeletons in your deck can provide a cheap defense that lets you cycle to more dominant cards you can play on defense or offense. Usage rate is almost 20%.

#1- Zap

Zap Clash Royale

I know some of you all will be mad that zap remains number 1, but there is no denying its dominance. Even with the popularity of the barbarian barrel, the zap is still used in FOURTY percent of ladder matches. It also has over a 60% win percentage in grand challenges. Thus, the zap remains at the number one common card spot for the fourth straight rankings in a row.

So that is going to wrap it up for our common card rankings for February of 2019! Stay tuned soon to see our rare, epic, and legendary card rankings soon. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the rankings!

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18 thoughts on “Clash Royale Common Card Rankings (February 2019)

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  2. My new rank

    24. Bomber
    23. Elite Barbarians
    22. Goblins
    21. Royal Recruits (still mediocre)
    20. Knight
    19. Skeleton Barrel
    18. Fire Spirits
    17. Spear Goblins
    16. Arrows (Zap and Snowball are just better)
    15. Mortar (I mean, it didn’t get nerfed, but the swarm nerf was a huge impact to it)
    14. Cannon
    13. Tesla
    12. Royal Giant
    11. Archers
    10. Rascals
    9. Minion Horde
    8. Barbarians (really catching up a lot!)
    7. Goblin Gang
    6. Minions
    5. Skeletons
    4. Ice Spirit
    3. Bats
    2. Giant Snowball (36% use rate + 72% win rate, LOOK HOW MUCH THIS CARD CHANGED!)
    1. Zap


  3. The following cards will receive a 0.15 seconds spawn deployment delay for each troop: Bats, Goblin Gang, Barbarians and Rascals


  4. After the balance change, the Barbarians are gonna spawn 5 Barbarians instead of 4!

    Although……. Fireball will take them out 1 shot, and there will be a 0.15 seconds deploy time delay for each Barbarian, like Minions/Minion Horde


    • Its such a hard call, since a single change can send it plummeting to the bottom. However, I’d say increasing “hit” speed by .5 seconds would be a decent change. Might be too strong though


  5. I haven’t been playing ladder that much recently, I was SHOCKED to see Skeletons and Mortar making such huge moves! Finally, people realised Skeletons true potential and learnt that the Royal Giant buff is not enough to indirectly nerf Mortar


    • I’m really happy about both of these, since skeletons is one of my favorite cards and siege players will finally shut up about how royal giant killed their archetype


  6. I love the list! Skeletons at 2 shocked me, I wouldn’t put them that high but they still are great 🙂 Also Doesn’t Mortar only have a 49% win rate? Thats what stats Royale says. Anyways, keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more.


    • Glad you enjoyed Nick! Skeletons are #2 is definitely a bold choice, but I feel like the recency of the rise means they have more potential over the coming months. Also, the mortar win rate depends on what game mode you look at. For almost all of the win rates I referenced I used grand challenge stats


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