Clash Royale Balance Changes Update (March 4th, 2019)

New balance changes are here in Clash Royale, with a buff coming to cards like barbarians and bomb tower and nerfs coming for the battle ram and barbarian barrel. This balancing update will be released March 4th, 2019 in Clash Royale, with 5 different nerfs and buffs coming. Here are all the balance changes coming to the March 2019 balancing update to Clash Royale!

As always, nerfs will be listed in red, while buffs are in blue.

  • Barbarians: Hitpoints -13%, Troop Count 4 -> 5
    (This also affects the Hitpoints of Barbarians in the following cards; Battle Ram, Barbarian Hut, Barbarian Barrel)
  • Bomb Tower: Added Death Damage (deals 2x Area Damage)
  • Wall Breakers: Hit Speed 1.5 -> 1.2
  • X-Bow: Hitpoints +4%
  • Goblin Gang, Rascals, Bats, Barbarians: Added 0.15sec Deploy Time between Troops

March 2019 Balance Changes Clash Royale

Balance Changes Buffs

There are two major changes coming in these balance changes, the first to barbarians and the second to the bomb tower. First off, the barbarian card will now have 5 barbarians, while they will lose some hitpoints. The bomb tower is going to receive a huge buff getting a bomb that explodes when it dies. It appears that this bomb takes a while to go off and does about as much damage as the balloon bomb. Also, wall breakers, one of the weakest new cards ever, will have an increased hit speed, which will allow the bomb to go off quicker when they reach the tower. Finally, x-bow is almost sure to be at the top of the meta with a 4% HP buff which should make it OP.

Balance Changes Nerfs

Hidden nerfs are appearing to the barbarian barrel, battle ram, and barbarian hut through nerf to the barbarian. Barbarian hut probably won’t see the light of day for a while, but it is good to see the BB and BR take a fall. Also, a bunch of swarm units got nerfed through a slower deploy time.

I can’t wait to see how barbarians do after this buff, but we will see how it goes, since they do now die to fireball. Also, its great to see another rework to the bomb tower that hopefully makes it much better. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the March balance changes!

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