New Season Challenges Update in Clash of Clans

The April update to Clash of Clans is almost here and today, Clash of Clans announced a huge new part of the update, season challenges! Season challenges should completely change CoC as it is added into the game in April 2019. Here’s everything we know about season challenges so far in Clash of Clans!

Season Challenges Update

First off, you should watch this update video, which will explain season challenges a lot better than I ever can in writing. The team also gives the release date of the April update as April 1st!

Let’s start off with doing a brief overview of what season challenges are. Basically, season challenges are like clan games, except that it’s all individual and lasts for an entire season, instead of just a few days. Also, you won’t have to choose a specific challenge to work towards; everything you do will be monitored by the season challenges. There will be daily challenges, which change every day, and season challenges, which last the entire season.

Season Challenges Clash of Clans April Update

From completing these challenges, you get challenge points, which add to lead you into different tiers of rewards at the end of the season. There will be two different reward tiers, gold and silver, with gold being paid and silver being free for everyone. Of course, the rewards for the gold tier will be much, much, MUCH stronger than for silver tier.

Season Challenges Rewards Clash of Clans April Update

The more points that you earn, the further you will progress along each path, unlocking more rewards as you gain more points. Through the silver tier, you will only receive magic items and resources, while in the gold tier you can have different types of boosts (training time, builder boost, etc.) and increases to your season bank as well! But what, what is the season bank??

The season bank is going to be a new way to gain resources. Any loot that you gain from an attack will be matched in your season bank. For example, if you raid 200k gold from a battle, 200k gold will appear in the season bank.

Season Challenges Season Bank Clash of Clans April Update

There is a cap to the season bank however. For silver tier players, this cap will appear at 5,000,000 gold/elixir and 50,000 dark elixir. For gold tier players, the cap will happen at 25,000,000 gold/elixir and 250,000 dark elixir.

One final perk in season games, though only for the gold tier, are HERO SKINS! You can unlock a new hero skin every season as long as you complete all of the tiers in that season. The first hero skin will be for the barbarian king, called the gladiator king.

Gladiator King Skin Clash of Clans

That’s basically it for the season challenges part of the April 2019 update in Clash of Clans. The team is also adding some balance changes, but season challenges is the main section of the update. I’m a bit disappointed in this pay-to-win system, but at least we will have some more rewards coming. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of season challenges in CoC!

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