Brawl Stars August 2019 Update Release Notes

The Brawl Stars August 2019 update just went live in game, bringing a ton of new features, including a new brawler named 8-Bit, new skins, and a new star points rework. Here are the full update release notes for the Brawl Stars August 2019 update!

Brawl Stars August 2019 Update

Brawl Stars August Update

New Brawler – 8-BIT

  • ūüŹÜAvailable in the Trophy Road for 6000 Trophies ūüŹÜ
  • Main attack: Blaster Beams
    • 8-BIT fires a burst of lasers
  • Super Ability: Damage booster
    • 8-BIT deploys a structure that boosts all teammates damage by 30% (both Main and Super attack) in its area of effect
  • Star Power: Boosted Booster
    • Damage booster effective radius is increased by 50%
  • Star Power: Extra Life (Going to be released afterward)
    • 8-BIT respawns instantly once per game (Not functional in Big Game while playing as the Big Brawler)
  • Old players who have already passed the 6000 Trophy mark on the Trophy Road will have 8-BIT automatically added to their collection when they launch the new update
  • 8-BIT replaces old Mega Box reward that was at 6000 Trophies

New Skins

  • 8-BIT Classic – 30 Gems
  • Shark Leon – 80 Gems
  • Pink Piper – 500 Star Points
  • Iris Tara – 500 Star Points

Brawler Visual Changes

  • Piper rework
  • Penny animations rework
  • Mortis attack animation rework
  • Bunny Penny skinning fix
  • Bull animations fixes
  • Other small VFX changes

Map Rotation Changes

  • Brawl Ball is now the only mode played in slot 3 (Bounty moved to slot 4)
  • Bounty, Heist, and Siege are now rotating in slot 4

Gem Grab

  • Added: Royal Flush


  • Added: Deserted Vertex, Outrageous Outback, Barren Badlands, Critical Crossing
  • Removed: Eye of the Storm, Thousand Lakes, Hot Point, Skull Creek

Brawl Ball

  • Added: Field Goal, Post Haste, Slalom Slam, Coarse Course, Power Shot, Sneaky Fields, Pinhole Hunt.


  • Added: Overgrown Oasis
  • Removed: Temple Ruins, Sunstroke, Burning Sands


  • Removed: Beachcombers, Side Story


  • Removed: Mecha Match, Straight Shot, Assembly Attack

Showdown Moon Festival Event (Early September)

  • Special graphics for the Showdown Box and Power Cube during this event

Trophy Progression

  • New Brawler Ranks added
    • Rank 21 at 550 Trophies to Rank 35 at 1250 Trophies
    • New one time Star Points rewards added
      • Rank 25 (750 Trophies) – 400 Star Points
      • Rank 30 (1000 Trophies) – 500 Star Points
      • Rank 35 (1250 Trophies) – 600 Star Points
    • The usual 10 tokens rewarded upon reaching each new rank
    • Players who have already passed these new Rank thresholds are automatically compensated with the Rank, Star Point and Token rewards upon launching the game after updating
      • Rank shown and rewards given out after the update are based on the Brawler’s highest ever reached trophy score (so for example if a Brawler has once reached 750 Trophies before the update but is currently at 500 Trophies the rewards are given based on 750 Trophies)


  • End of Season offers
    • 1 Big Box – 500 Star Points
    • 1 Mega Box – 1500 Star Points

Season End Star Point Rewards Rework

  • Star Point rewards at a season’s end are now based on reaching certain Trophy milestones with a Brawler*
  • Trophies are now reset to a fixed value based on where the Brawler was at the end of the season
  • The goal with this change is to make Star Points more accessible to more players and to further promote playing multiple different Brawlers during the season
  • New milestones are visualized in a new UI screen which can be found by tapping the Brawler Rank icon in the Brawler screen when the Brawler has once reached over 500 Trophies

Brawler Balance and Changes

  • Carl:¬†Increased main attack projectile speed by 8%. Increased Shield from Protective Pirouette Star Power from 30% to 40%.
  • Colt:¬†Increased Speed buff from Slick Boots Star Power from 8% to 10%.
  • Pam:¬†Increased Damage per second from Mama’s Squeeze Star Power from 300 to 500. Increased Healing from Mama’s Hug Star Power from 30 to 40.
  • Bo:¬†Increased visibility bonus from Circling Eagle Star Power from 2 tiles to 3 tiles.
  • Brock:¬†Increased damage per second from Incendiary Star Power from 300 to 400.
  • Tick:¬†Increased main attack mine explosion radius by 11%.
  • El Primo:¬†Increased damage from El Fuego Star Power from 800 to 1000.
  • Frank:¬†Increased health from Sponge Star Power from 1000 to 1100.
  • Rosa:¬†Increased health from 5000 to 5200.
  • Spike:¬†Increased Healing per second from Fertilize Star Power from 500 to 600.
  • Tara:¬†Healing Shade Star Power pet no longer heals brawlers that have full health.Increased health for Black Portal Star Power pet from 2400 to 3000.
  • Bibi:¬†Increased Shield from Battling Stance Star Power from 30% to 40%.
  • Leon:¬†Increased Healing per second from Invisiheal Star Power from 600 to 800.
  • Shelly:¬†Band-aid now heals for 2000 health instead of giving full health.
  • Mortis:¬†Decreased range increase from Coiled Snake Star Power from 100% to 75%.
  • Poco: Decreased damage from Screeching Solo Star Power from 1200 to 1000.
  • Darryl:¬†Decreased Shield from Steel Hoops Star Power from 30% to 25%.¬†Both shotguns now shoot bullets from the middle of the Brawler (both shots have the same pattern now).
  • Piper:¬†Decreased bullets gained from Snappy Sniping Star Power from 0.5 to 0.4.¬†Increased bonus damage from Ambush Star Power from 400 to 500.
  • Gene: Changed Gene’s Star Power Pat on the Back to Spirit Slap.¬†Spirit Slap: When Gene’s Super is fully charged he does +300 damage with his main attack.


  • “Home Run” bar turns red when it’s fully charged
  • Melee hit effects are now shown when attacking Showdown boxes (both sounds and visual effects if applicable)
  • Camera shake effect added for Bibi when she swings her bat
  • Brawl Ball: Pets (Turrets, Nita Bear etc.) can now see enemy Brawlers inside bushes if the Brawler is carrying the ball
  • Club Mail – Added cooldown remaining countdown when trying to send club mail while on cooldown
  • When playing games with bots, bots can now choose any brawlers (more rare brawlers are less likely to be picked by the bots).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Colt’s attack range star power (and other similar) to increase the visual range of the Brawl Ball targeting line as well
  • Fixed an issue with Shop notification ticker not being cleared correctly if new skins became available in the Shop after it had been visited once
  • Tick’s head no longer homes to targets or explodes on targets that are in the air
  • When penny’s “last barrage” Star Power bombs defeat enemies in Bounty, Penny’s bounty now properly increase

This is a massive update with a lot of balance changes and minor UI changes to Brawl Stars. Ultimately, this is a pretty awesome update, even though it doesn’t add any huge features. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this new update!

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