Town Hall 13 Update CONFIRMED in Clash of Clans

Town Hall 13 will be coming to Clash of Clans in the December 2019 update, confirmed today by the official Clash of Clans account. TH13 has been leaked for a few months now, but today, CoC released a video that shows Town Hall 13 will be here in December!

It’s actually kind of ridiculously how many hints towards Town Hall 13 there are in the video. No matter what though, it confirms that there will be a new Town Hall level coming soon.

Now we know almost nothing about what will be coming along with TH13, but we can almost definitely assume there will be a new defense, a new troop, and a new hero.

The December 2019 update is still at least a month away, which means we will have plenty of sneak peeks in the next month leading up to Town Hall 13. I’m super excited to see what the Clash of Clans team has dreamt up for the new Town Hall level! Thanks for reading and leave your opinions below about TH13!

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