Attack Strategies: LaLoonion

Town Hall to use in: 9-10

Trophy Range: 2400-3200

So in the new update today, Supercell released a new troop from Dark Barracks level 6 called the lava hound. The lava hound specifically targets air defense, then after air defense, other defenses, then all other buildings. The Hound costs 390 DE to train. Since they target air defense, this opens up many new strategies, but the most prominent of these is MiLoHound, or balloonion with hounds. This is a great strategy for pushing to Champion with. Basically you are trying to get a two-star.

220 space: 2 Hounds, 22 Balloons, 25 Minions, 4 Rage Spells

240 space: 2 Hounds, 26 Balloons, 25 Minions, 3 Rage Spells, 2 Freeze Spells

Lava Hound

Step One: Find a base with relatively easy to get to air defense. Also weaker archer towers and wizard towers will help a lot in getting a win. Also make sure that there is a straight path to the TH with no way for your balloons to veer off course. Make sure they have at least 21+ trophies.

Step Two: Find 2 Air Defense (at the top or the bottom) and drop your hounds at the closest point to them. Send in your half of your balloons behind one hound and the other half behind the other hound. Now drop two rage spells, one on each group. This will easily enable  you to take out the air defense. Use your other spells when you feel they are needed.

Step Three: Drop your minions behind your balloons in order to clean up from what they have left behind. Also put in your heroes to try and take out the Town Hall. This should guarantee you a two-star as long as you have attacked the right base.

Step Four: Celebrate! You have just gotten a two (or maybe three) star on your push! Retrain and try again!

I hope you guys enjoyed the strategy guide. More strategies involving the hound will be coming soon! Watch some gameplay here: Stay tuned for more update posts!

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