Clash Royale Update Leak: Team Battle or Clan Battle?

In a new update leak today, Clash Royale released another part of mysterious button that was leaked a week ago. Originally, we thought this button was going to be team battles, but now it appears as if it is clan battles. I’ll be going over both official leaks and debating the two different game modes.

Clash Royale Clan Battles Leaked March Update

Clash Royale Team Battles

Alright, so at the very beginning of this whole sneak peek/easter egg train, Clash Royale first released a piece of the team battles in the Supercell forums. Tim, a Supercell moderator, posted this reply to a forum post:

Clash Royale Team Battles Sneak Peek Update

When you clicked on the ‘e’ in ‘correctamundo’, the link took you to this picture, a picture of an ‘e’ in a new battle button.

Clash Royale New Button Leak Update

It’s nearly the exact same as the Friendly Battle button, except that the first word obviously can’t be ‘friendly’ since friendly is longer than battle in text. So that meant that this must be a new button that isn’t in Clash Royale yet and will be added in the next update.

So after this came, Clash Royale hid another link in the News Royale tab in game.

Clash Royale Team Battles Sneak Peek Update

When you clicked on Reddit in theRadio Royale podcast, it took you straight to this picture!

Clash Royale New Team Battle March 2017 Update

Now, that first letter is pretty clearly a ‘T’ which means that the first letter in the first word is ‘T’ and the last is ‘M’. With some deduction and spacing work, it became obvious that the word spelled out team, meaning that team battles would be coming in the March 2017 update!

Clash Royale Clan Battles

Despite all of this, Clash Royale completely changed the game around today. In another Supercell forum post, Tim responded to an update thread saying that he hid another leak somewhere. It was quickly figured out that if you clicked an ‘a’ in the original post, it took you to a new picture!

Clash Royale Clan Battles Sneak Peek Update

When you clicked the ‘a’ in ‘are’, it took you to this screen:

Clash Royale Update Leak Clan Battles

Now this doesn’t look like much, but soon people figured out that the previous links were changed completely too! When they were all put together into one new button, this is what appeared:

Clash Royale Clan Battles Sneak Peek Update

It’s not obvious at first glance, but when ‘clan’ is typed over it, it fits exactly in. So we now have a clan battle along with a team battle.

Clan Battles and Team Battles?!

Now that we have two different buttons what does this mean? Personally, I believe that Clash Royale originally named the new button “Team Battle” but then changed it to be “Clan Battle”. This would explain why all the links were changed. However, is there a possibility we will see both new features in the next update? Definitely! Team battle could refer to 2v2 battles while clan battles could refer to something of a clan war in Clash Royale. Only time and official sneak peeks will tell!

So that wraps up all the leaks for this new button we’ve been seeing. It is quite confusing, but I hope that we can see some clarification from the Clash Royale team soon! Thanks a ton for reading and comment below what you think the new button could be.

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