Clash Royale March Anniversary Update LEAKED!

The Clash Royale March anniversary update for 2017 has been officially leaked by a Chinese forum! There have been a couple leaks leading up to this leak, but this seems to have the whole March update within. Let’s go over all of the features for this leaked update!

Clash Royale March 2017 Anniversary Update LEAKED

Clash Royale March Anniversary Update Leak

Balance Changes

  • Lumberjack: Health increased by 6%, attack speed decreased from 0.7 seconds to 0.6 seconds.
  • Dart Goblin: Attack speed from 0.7 seconds down to 0.6 seconds
  • Barbarian Hut: 8% increase in health, duration increased from 1 minute to 1 minute 10 seconds.
  • Guards: Health +4%, damage +6%.
  • Ice Wizard: 6% Damage increase.
  • Dark Prince: Range increased by 20%.
  • Inferno Dragon: Range from 4 tiles increased to 4.5 tiles, re-target speed to 0.3 seconds.
  • Bomb Tower: Attack speed from 1.6 seconds down to 1.4 seconds, range increased by 7%, the duration reduced from 40 seconds to 35 seconds.
  • Battle Ram: 8% increase in the health, damage increased 10%.
  • Tesla: 6% increase in damage, health increased 5%, duration from 40 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Executioner: Stun bug removed.

These changes seem mostly legit. The inferno dragon, bomb tower, and tesla are definitely in need of a buff. It appears that no cards will be getting a nerf in the March update.

Arena Adjustment

Legendary trophies removed. 20 Legendary Trophies now will convert to 1 Gem

Again, seems completely legit. Clash Royale developer team stated that they wanted to get rid of Legendary Trophies and this seems like the exact way they would get rid of them.

League Mechanism

All the active players in legendary arena are assigned to a 20,000 player league (once every two weeks, for 1 week). The league is based on the level of the players. Trophies will decide the final rankings of the players with rewards to follow.

No. 1: 4000 ~ 5000 gems, 80000 ~ 120000 gold coins, 3250 cards.

No. 2: 3500 ~ 4500 gems, 70000 ~ 110000 gold coins, 3000 cards.

No. 3: 3000 ~ 4000 gems, 65000 ~ 105000 gold coins, 2750 cards.

4 ~ 10: 2500 ~ 3-5 gem, 60000 ~ 100000 gold coins, 2500 cards.

11 ~ 50: 2000 ~ 3000 gems, 55000 ~ 95000 gold coins, 2250 cards.

51 to 100: 1500 ~ 2500 gems, 50000 ~ 90000 gold coins, 2000 cards.

101 ~ 200: 500 ~ 800 gem, 45000 ~ 85000 gold coins, 1750 cards.

201 ~ 400: 400 ~ 500 gems, 40000 ~ 80000 gold coins, 1500 cards.

401 to 1000: 200 gem ~ 400 gem, 30000 gold coins ~ 50000 gold coins, 1000 cards.

Out of anything in this update leak, this part seems the most fishy. There are absolute massive rewards for a league. The bottom reward is almost worth the value of 2 SMCs, not mentioning the insane gold and gem reward. Of course, if there is 20k people in a league, it might be tough to get these rewards.

Legendary Arena Updates

Legend Arena III (3000 trophies), Legend Arena II (3500 trophies), Legend Arena I (4000 trophies), we will modify their meticulous appearance and rewards & Donation, which may allow players to bother to fight, never retreat.

So basically, we are changing Champion in Clash of Clans to Champion III, II, and I. Personally, I don’t like this change at all; there needs to be a new name and new look for each arena.

Game Adjustments

  • Winning gold from March 17th to April 17 will double! (Can win 20 times a day)
  • Goblin Hut will be renamed to Spear Goblin Hut
  • The store’s epic card price is reduced to 800 gold coins, which may make the epic card more easy to get, card group more powerful!
  • Add friends system, you can now search and add friends, the game second, friendship first!
  • The clan chest time is adjusted to every week from Friday to Monday, and can be adjusted according to the active situation of clan members to choose the appropriate clan chest level!
  • Clan chest can challenge 20 (4150 crown), 15 (3150 crown), 10 (1600 crown) 5 (550 crown), the higher the level of clan chest, the more reward!
  • Add a “task chest” every day to complete a special task, you can get a reward for the task of the treasure chest! (Every 12 hours to refresh once, up to 2)
  • Tournament custom model added 50 gem options, the scale of the game: 25 players, duration: 1 hour, preparation time: 2 hours, the highest award 15 cards, 88 gold coins.

These changes all look pretty awesome, exactly what Clash Royale would update. Personally, I think that the clan chest changes sound interesting, hopefully we will see them in game!

Special Events

  • Three Bridge Challenge: begins on March 17. What is the Third Bridge Challenge? Leading the way to the king tower! Look! The marching army is rushing from the middle of the war, be careful! The middle of an additional bridge will certainly be very interesting. The three-bridge challenge is divided into “classic challenges” and “grand challenges” and there is a free opportunity to participate.
  • March 16 to 20 in the friendship war can choose the three bridge challenge mode, three bridge challenge duration of March 17 to March 20.
  • Team Challenge: will start on March 31! And teammates work side by side must be very interesting, the enemy continue to attack, we continue to fight back, and ultimately by virtue of the tacit understanding of the glory of victory, harvest friendship. Team Challenge is divided into “classic challenges” and “grand challenges”, and there is a free opportunity to participate ·

Very crazy stuff, especially when you consider that Three Bridges Challenge has been talked about for a while within the community. Team Challenge might be something to do with team battles.

Four New Cards

  • Goblin Chalets: Goblins will come out from a building, sort of like a spear goblin hut. The cabin spawns 2 Goblins every time. This is kind of a “Stab Goblin Hut”.
  • Goblin Ninja: Unlocked at Jungle Arena. “He will be stealth for some times, he will disappear without a trace”.
  • Goblin Elder: The Goblin Leader. This is a Legendary card; 810 HP; 110 DPS; Attack Speed 1s; re-target 1s; targets both air and ground unit; Medium Movement Speed; Attack range 4.5 tiles; Deploy time 1s… Updating…
  • Forest Berries: Forest Berries can be collected in Jungle Arena and above. Seems like a spell which can be used anywhere on the map.

I don’t really get why Clash Royale would be adding 3 new goblin cards into the game, but they all seem like they’d be legit cards that could make their way into the game. Time will tell.


  • Classic Challenge: Entry fee reduced to 7 gems
  • Grand Challenge: Entry fee reduced to 75 gems.

This is so weird, but I guess it is to make challenges a lot more affordable for the F2P player.

1st Anniversary Value Packs

  • 500 gems, 10000 gold, Giant Chest
  • 2500 gems, 10000 gold, Magical Chest
  • 6500 gems, 100k gold, Super Magical Chest

That is going to do it for all of the March 2017 Anniversary update leaks that we have so far! Personally, I wish that Clash Royale would just hurry up with this update so we can end all this speculation. Thanks for reading and comment below what you would most want to see added into Clash Royale.

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9 thoughts on “Clash Royale March Anniversary Update LEAKED!

  1. Also the classic challenge update! YEEEESSSSS I’m f2p so I can go in more often. I hope this comes in time for the two special challenges so I can use the free one, then the 7 gem classic one


  2. Dude, the goblin leader legend will legit be a LEGEND if those are the 100% real stats. Also, I think with the ice wiz damage upgrade, he will one shot equal level skeletons. At least I hope. Cuz I got him and he can be a huge disappointment when he doesn’t kill those darn skeletons


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