Clash Royale Bats Gameplay + Release Date

Bats are finally here in Clash Royale, being the last card from the March update to be released. We have seen some bats already from night witch gameplay, but finally we have gameplay from the bats themselves, as well as having the release date for the bats finally announced!

Bats Gameplay Strategy Introduction Release Date Clash Royale

Bats Gameplay

Personally, I think bats are going to quickly become one of the best defensive cards in Clash Royale. They have a cheap cost and they also do a ton of damage, making them ideal for a quick defense. Here’s the gameplay that Clash Royale released in their YouTube video!

That just shows a little bit about what bats can do. Once bats finally do release within Clash Royale, I’ll be able to have a lot more gameplay, strategy, and decks for you guys! Here is what we have right now, the stats of level 1 bats, along with the stats of tournament level, level 9 bats.

Level 1 Bats Stats

Bats Gameplay Stats Clash Royale

Level 9 Bats Stats

Bats Gameplay Stats Clash Royale

So tournament level bats are almost double as good as the level 1 bats, meaning you need to upgrade them quickly to make them get good! They actually have the same number of hitpoints and DPS as skeletons; the only difference is that there are 4 bats and bats are flying units. So now that we know all about bats, when are they going to be coming out in Clash Royale?

Bats Release Date

So along with releasing the gameplay of bats, Clash Royale also told us when bats are going to come out. This is what appears in the new cards section, where all the cards that aren’t released yet go.
Bats Release Date Clash Royale

So we just need to do the math here in order to figure out what date the bats will be released on! It is currently June 21st, so if you add on 16 days, bats will be released on Friday, July 7th, 2017!

I hope that this article helped you guys a bit to realize what bats are and when they will be coming in Clash Royale. Personally, I am super excited for bats and can’t wait to integrate them into some of my decks. Thanks for reading and comment down below what your first opinion of bats is!

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