Most Meta Deck #20: PEKKA Balloon Deck

The meta is always changing within Clash Royale and for the 20th time, we have the new best deck within Clash Royale! This deck is a PEKKA balloon deck, centered around the new meta following the latest balance changes update! Here is some gameplay and strategy around the best deck in Clash Royale right now, a PEKKA balloon deck!

PEKKA Balloon Deck OverviewClash Royale PEKKA Balloon Deck

This deck, for lack of a better word, is a BIG beatdown deck! The deck centers around the PEKKA and balloon, with the freeze being an added bonus for when you can play it. Every deck needs a tank card, and the PEKKA fills that role here. You can play the PEKKA solo, supported with any one of the flying troops, or combine the PEKKA and the balloon for a bigger push. Likewise, with the balloon, you can play it solo, along with the freeze, or you can pair it with the PEKKA to have that game-ending push that beatdown decks are famous for. Last of your win conditions, we have the freeze, which is a very versatile card that can be played during to help massive pushes, during cycle chips, or even on defense to slow down your opponent’s troops.

Despite not being a completely air based deck, this PEKKA balloon deck is completely air heavy for support cards. You have the three cheapest flying cards as defense and support in the mega minion, minions, and bats. The mega minion, being the most tanky of the three cards, should be played against splash damage cards like the wizard and executioner to shut them down. The minions are the ones that do the most damage, so they should be used to counter ground units to make them fall quickly. Lastly, we have the bats, which are the cheapest. These should be played against cheap pushes in order to save elixir. All of these support cards work great on defense, but will also do some major work on offense in behind the PEKKA or balloon!

Finally, let’s review the two cheapest cards in this deck! First off, the zap is going to be very valuable, allowing you to counter skeleton army and goblin gang, which are going to be very popular counters to the PEKKA. The zap will also be great against minions and bats which will be used against your balloon. The ice spirit can help against any cards used to counter your push, freezing everything and giving you more time to react to the play.

Using the Freeze Effectively

The freeze is the linchpin of this deck; it can easily allow you to take a tower if played correctly, but if not, can turn into a huge counterpush for your opponent. You need to know when to use freeze and when it can be effective for helping you take out the tower. For example, when you have a PEKKA heading towards the tower, it isn’t a great move to freeze a skeleton army, because by the time the PEKKA takes out all the skeletons, your freeze will have expired.

Clash Royale PEKKA Freeze

Let’s switch up the scenario. The correct way to play the freeze would be to freeze a wizard or another card the PEKKA is able to one shot. This way, you can avoid the damage of the defensive card and make it easy for the PEKKA to still make it to the tower uncountered. The freeze working for you is critical to your success with this PEKKA balloon deck!

Building Up a BIG Push

So obviously, with the PEKKA in a deck with 4 air units, you are going to want to try and build up a big push with the PEKKA tanking for all of your other cards. This game ending push will probably come in the final minute of battle, when you are getting double elixir and are able to afford all the units you are playing. Ideally, you are going to want to play the PEKKA, with the balloon and at least two other support units behind!

Clash Royale PEKKA Balloon Push

Getting all of these units down and heading for the tower basically guarantees that you will be able to go up on your opponent. All you have to do is wait until double elixir and begin your push by playing the PEKKA behind your king’s tower!

Balloon Freeze Cycle

One of the keys to winning with this PEKKA balloon deck is to master the art of balloon freeze. Now clearly, you don’t want to freeze when your opponent plays a ground card to counter your balloon, but a smart freeze against minions or an electro-wizard is always a smart play. Make sure that you don’t freeze too late and that your balloon still has health left so it can get some damage in on the tower.

Clash Royale Balloon Freeze

Timing is everything here, but if you get the timing down, then you can unload a whole lot of hurt onto your opponent in this battle. Mostly just practice, until you can get that freeze combination perfected!

Air Based Defense

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, we need to cover the defense of this deck. As I mentioned earlier, almost all of your support cards are air based troops. This makes it tougher to defend against ground units, especially cards like the prince or the bandit that need distraction. However, you can make this work for you! For one, your troops won’t die after countering a ground card. Second, you’ll basically never lose to LavaLoonion with this deck! Whenever your opponent plays a ground unit, just counter as fast as possible with one of your flying cards, trying to take it out before it touches the tower.

Clash Royale Valkyrie vs Minions

And with that, we are going to wrap it up for this week’s edition of the most meta deck in Clash Royale! I hope that you guys enjoyed this article and can use this deck to help you win out there on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment down below what deck you are currently using in Clash Royale!

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5 thoughts on “Most Meta Deck #20: PEKKA Balloon Deck

  1. The only issue is that it’s very weak against Inferno Dragon (Which used to be the 2nd worst legendary, currently in the rise), although Minions and Bats can distract him, beware of Zap and Arrows


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  3. Nice deck! I appreciate that you used a basically dead card effectively , hopefully it saw a return

    PEKKA has been mata for months, I think this will make her even better

    Every thing else seems OK, except the Balloon, I HATE the Balloon so I don’t want to face the deck


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