Clash Royale October Update: New Challenges, Gold Rush and Gem Rush

Clash Royale released even more information on the October 2017 update, which we already know features quests and touchdown mode. These new items in Clash Royale include new challenges and gold/gem rush events. Here’s everything that the Clash Royale team said regarding the October 2017 update so far!

Clash Royale October 2017 Update

New Challenge Modes

Clash Royale hasn’t touched challenges in a long time, so it is refreshing to see some new challenge modes coming to the game this October. Among these challenges are casual challenges and multi-stage challenges, both of which are completely new gamemodes.

Casual Challenges

For all of you relaxing players out there, casual challenges are going to be the gamemode for you. Losses are NOT a factor in casual challenges, leaving you to keep playing until you hit the desired win amount. You could go 12-50 or 12-0 and receive the exact same rewards from the casual challenge. This mode will be for players who don’t want to compete hard and don’t care about losing. Also, you can be as low as level 3 to compete in a casual challenge.

Multi-Stage Challenges

A bit more advanced than casual challenges are multi-stage challenges where you have to win one part of the challenge to unlock the next “stage” of the challenge. For example, finishing a casual challenge will unlock the pro challenge where losses will impact you.

Gold and Gem Rush

2v2 has taken hold as an easy mode to win chests and have fun in Clash Royale, but the team wants to bring more players back to 1v1. Therefore, in the October update, gold and gem rush events will be coming. These events will give you an added gold or gem bonus whenever you take down a tower, probably with a limit of how much you can collect. This will give motivation to play 1v1 and offer bigger rewards than 2v2.

New Cards, New Chests, New Sneak Peeks


Of course, as with basically every Clash Royale update, there will be new cards added into the game. We have NO idea what these cards might be, since the Clash Royale team has a new way of releasing cards. Instead of sharing them all at once, they will share one once it becomes close to the release date, adding more excitement into the game. There should be 4 new cards coming in the October 2017 update.

A huge change with the new update is that free chests will be completely removed, only appearing sometimes in your store. Instead, you’ll get bigger “free” chests, such as SMC and Legendary chests, from completing quests. Based on the challenge, you will get bigger or smaller rewards. We still don’t know a lot about quests, but more details will be out soon!

The last thing the Clash Royale team stated was that there will be more sneak peeks coming soon. I guess this means that we have officially entered the sneak peek stage of the October update. Hopefully we will be seeing the update drop sometime in the coming week. I can’t wait to see what else the Clash Royale developers have added and look forward to sharing it with you guys soon! Come back soon for the latest Clash Royale update news!

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