Hog Mortar Cycle Deck for the Clash Royale Meta

Hog mortar decks are the meta in Clash Royale right now, and this hog mortar cycle deck is one of the best decks in Clash Royale! This deck is great for chip damage, combining the mortar and hog in a deadly combination. Here’s the strategy and gameplay behind this awesome hog mortar deck in Clash Royale!

Hog Mortar Cycle Deck Overview

Hog Mortar Cycle Deck Clash Royale

If you love chip decks, this hog mortar deck is definitely the deck for you. With the hog and mortar both being cards based around large amounts of chip damage, it doubles the amount! Also, its pretty easy to play and upgrade this deck, as all the cards are common, except the hog (rare) and the log (legendary). Free to play players should fawn over this deck!

The gameplay here is pretty simple. You are going to want to play both the mortar and hog as complementary offensive units. The mortar can get damage from a distance while the hog is a great push unit. The counters for one is going to be similar to the other, so you’ll be able to outcycle and gain an advantage on offense.

Roles of Each Card in the Deck

Hog Rider Clash RoyaleHog Rider

The hog rider is going to act as one of the two main offensive cards in this deck.

While you can snipe the tower from a distance with the mortar, the hog rider is going to be a more up-close-and-personal type of card. Send this bad boy over to the tower supported with a few units like bats or ice spirit.

A solid combination with this deck is to combine the mortar and the hog. This will make your opponent have to focus on either the hog or the mortar. If they focus on defending the hog, the mortar will be able to shoot down defensive units.

Clash Royale Minion HordeMinion Horde

The minion horde will be your strongest support card, great for both offense and defense.

A great support card for an expensive hog push will be the minion horde. Since you basically need arrows or fireball to cancel this push, try to outpace your opponent’s spell so that the minion horde can devastate the tower.

As well as offense, the minion horde works great on defense. Since it deals so much damage, its a great card to play on any tank cards, except if there is a splash unit behind. For a musketeer or e-wiz support, the minion horde will work great though.

Ice Spirit Clash RoyaleIce Spirit

The ice spirit is the most versatile unit in this deck, giving you a quick support card for 1 elixir.

On offensive, the ice spirit goes great with the hog, matching the speed of the quick unit. It’s great when played together with the hog, for you can get a quick push in for very cheap. Also, it can give you mortar another shot by delaying troops.

The ice spirit is just as good on defense as it is on offense. The radius of the ice spirit is actually quite wide, which gives you the ability to freeze the entire group of units that is pushing you. Always throw in that 1 elixir to give yourself more time.

Goblin Gang Clash RoyaleGoblin Gang

The goblin gang is an important defensive card, being able to counter most units due to its duality.

On offense, the goblin gang isn’t a great card, though it can be paired well with the hog rider if your opponent wasted their log or zap. I think that it’s a risky play though, since so many different troops can counter it.

The goblin gang fairs a lot better on defense, giving you the ability to quickly shut down a hog rider or to slowly chip down a golem. Since there are so many air units in this deck, its best to use this card to counter ground units.

Bats Clash RoyaleBats

Bats can be a great offensive or defensive cards that provides some great, cheap air support for the deck.

Combining bats with the hog rider is a great choice, since it will force your opponent to counter both air and ground troops. Also, bats are great at defending the mortar, especially from ground troops that they can easily take down.

Defensively, the bats card is a great option for shutting down any counterpush troops. At only two elixir, bats are going to be able to take out most 4 elixir or less units in the game before they are able to connect on the tower.

Clash Royale MortarMortar

The mortar is a great secondary offensive unit and a smart way to get chip damage onto the tower.

When deploying the mortar, I’d recommend playing it away from the bridge, making it much tougher for ground troops to reach it. Whatever you do, just make sure that it can hit the tower from its placement.

You’re going to need to defend the mortar once you play it.  Be ready with some support troops in order to take down whatever your opponent might throw at you. The goal is to keep the mortar alive as long as possible, getting maximum hits on the tower.

Zap Clash RoyaleZap

The zap is the card you will turn to in order to quickly clear away defensive troops from your hog and mortar.

One of the best offensive spells, the deployment time of the zap is a big plus when playing win conditions like the hog and the log. If a skeleton army or goblin gang is played as a counter, hovering zap is key to maximizing damage.

You can also use the zap on defense pretty well, mostly in order to clear any small units that might be played behind a giant or hog. A popular push is bats and miner, which won’t threaten you with the zap in your hand.

Log Clash RoyaleLog

The log acts more of a slow clearer than the zap, buying you time while damaging troops.

On offense with the hog, the log isn’t as great as the zap since it takes a long time to roll in order to clear troops. For the mortar it can act better, giving you a way to push back any troops locked on to the mortar.

On defense, the log is a completely different story. The log can be one of the most valuable cards in Clash Royale while on the defensive end of the game. Use it to push back any large pushes or to kill any goblin barrels or princesses that are thrown your way.

Different Offensive Pushes

Hog Rider Mortar: Combining the two main offensive cards in this hog mortar deck, you can devastate an opponent’s counter cards.

The first thing you want to do here is play the mortar down, and then immediately after, drop the hog rider. The mortar will either lock onto the tower or destroy any defensive units. If your opponent goes after the mortar, the hog can make it to the tower untouched.

Hog Rider Ice Spirit: For an extremely cheap, yet effective push, place the hog and ice spirit together in a deadly chip combo.

The hog rider and ice spirit together only costs 5 elixir, which can be great if you know you have an advantage in elixir over your opponent. With the ice spirit freezing for 1.5 seconds, your hog can land several shots onto the tower.

Defend the Mortar: Since the mortar is one half of this deck, having a push around it is key to winning battles with this deck.

The first thing you want to do is play the mortar down and be ready to support it from incoming defensive troops. The ice spirit is important, as well as bats. Just keep the mortar from taking damage from enemy troops.

Defending against Popular Decks

PEKKA Zappies Deck

PEKKA Zappies Deck Clash Royale League Challenge

Without an inferno troop stacked within this deck, countering the PEKKA can be a bit hard. However, you do have a multitude of strong air troops, which can make it easy to kill as long as the poison isn’t in play. The miner and royal ghost can both be countered easily with the goblin gang or bats, which really makes the PEKKA the only threat. Zappies will be no problem since, again, there is no inferno card within the deck. Focus on the PEKKA and you’ll do great against this deck.

Giant Double Prince Deck

Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

Double princes are at the very top of the Clash Royale meta at the moment, so its critical that a deck is able to shut them down. With the ice spirit and log, you’ll be able to counter their charges. The minion horde is actually a great counter, provided you play it early to start getting damage on the troops. However, the goblin gang is going to be your main counter to these twins, especially against the prince. Since you don’t have an inferno, you’ll have to get a bit creative with combining troops.

Log Bait Deck

Log Bait Deck Clash Royale League Challenge

With both the zap and the log in this deck, beating a log bait deck shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure that your zap is overleveled so that you can kill goblin gang and goblin barrel as need be. The inferno will be a negative force upon your hog, but that’s why you have the mortar as a back-up offensive unit. Once the mortar is deployed, the knight is the only troop that can really threaten its ability to get maximum damage. You can beat the knight with goblin gang or bats!

I hope that this guide gave you ample enough information about how to win with this hog mortar cycle deck! If it didn’t make sure to comment below to tell us what else we could add to make these guides even better. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more awesome Clash Royale decks!

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