2 Million Views Q&A

Just yesterday, we cracked the 2 million view barrier on the website, which means that the Q&A is upon us. These are questions submitted by you guys on the website or on the Clash for Dummies twitter. Thanks for submitting questions and thanks for 2 million views… enjoy!

2 Million Views Q&A

Clash for Dummies Q&A

What do you want in this new Clash of Clans update?

Behind all of this hype for the May update, I really want to see something game changing. Clash of Clans has steadily gotten more boring for me over the past two years and I want to see something that will bring players back into the game.

Personally, I really hope that the ship will bring you to a new village or SOMETHING similar. Sneak peeks should start soon!

What’s your favorite card in Clash Royale?

This is such a hard question, since there are like 3-4 that I really enjoy playing. Plus favorite can have a lot of different uses. The card that I find the most useful and versatile is the musketeer which I enjoy playing a lot, but my favorite card in Clash Royale has to be the miner. It is such a unique card and it was a deck based around it that first helped me break into Legendary Arena.

What inspired you to start Clash for Dummies?

Way back in July of 2014, myself and two of my friends REALLY loved Clash of Clans. We are looking to earn some money at the time so we thought up a website that Clashers would visit to gain some tips and news about the game at the time. Eventually, they stopped writing, but I continued it.

At first, it was just a way to make some money off ads, but I really do love writing for the website. I love interacting with you guys and seeing your views on the direction that both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans are heading. Here’s to another 3 years writing!

What’s your favorite food?

I’m honestly a pretty picky eater, but I can narrow it down to about 3 foods. I LOVE peanut butter, bacon, and chocolate. If I had to pick one of those, I would probably go with peanut butter, which I really couldn’t live without.

What advice would you give to a player who is level 8 in Arena 9, with level 3 epics, level 4/5 rares and level 8/9 commons?

If you are level 8 in Arena 9, you are doing really well! First off, I’d probably get your rares up to level 6 which will help a lot. There isn’t a lot of advice I could give you except to keep upgrading your cards and find a deck that really works for you. Keep it up!

Is a level 10 with level 10/11 commons, level 6/7 races, level 3-5 epics, and level 1/2 legendaries “skilled” at 4,700 trophies?

That isn’t just skilled, that’s almost world class. When I had those level cards, I was pushing at about 4k trophies. 4,700 trophies is just wild for a level 10 competing against level 11s and 12s. Keep grinding and see if you can break 5k as a level 10!

So that’s all for the 2 million view Q&A! From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate you guys reading what I have to say about the games. I love writing for the website and hope that you guys keep coming back so I can keep writing. Thanks for reading and here’s to another 2 million views!

10 thoughts on “2 Million Views Q&A

  1. Congrats on 2 million views!
    It’s so funny. On the heal spell challenge, I had 11 wins 2 losses on my second account, and I bet another person that I wouldn’t get to 12 wins, because if I win the last battle, then I am happy that I won, but if I lose the battle, at least I won the bet!
    I lost the battle and finished the challenge 11-3, but I got a lava hound out of the challenge chest. So far on my 6 accounts, I have gotten 4 legendaries on my main account and one on my second account. The one on my second account was a hound, and 2 of the legendaries on my main account were hounds too! I’m pretty good with hound decks now.


      • I’m now kinda ok with them.
        I didn’t realize the power of hog cycle, though. When I made a new random hog cycle deck on my 3rd account (level 7), I did not expect to push 100 trophies up without losing, straight into frozen peak!


  2. Congrats for 2 million views! I’ve been reading your articles for a long time, and they have really helped me improve as a clasher! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!


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