Most Meta Deck #2: LavaLoonion Deck

The meta is every changing in Clash Royale, so today is the 2nd week of the most meta deck in Clash Royale. While elite barbarians-hog is still strong, the LavaLoonion deck has gripped Clash Royale at the top of the ladder. In today’s article I’ll be explaining how to play and how to win with this meta deck!

Clash Royale Best LavaLoonion Meta Deck

Explaining the Deck

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Meta Deck

This deck is a strategy straight out of Clash of Clans, the ever popular LavaLoonion strategy! Obviously, it seems as if it works just as well in Clash Royale as it does in Clash of Clans. Anyways, you’ve got the lava hound and balloon to build up massive pushes, with the minions or mega minion for support.

The tombstone and skeleton army are pure defense, meant for defending hog or elite barbarians pushes. The zap and fireball are great spells to have in any deck, allowing you to clear minions, musketeer, or ice wizard placed down to counter.

Starting Off

You have two great options with your starting hand, as long as you have them up and ready to go. Your starting hand is super important and you need to make a great move here in order to make sure that you can build up for the rest of the game.

Lava Hound: First off, you can begin with a opening hand push. This involves putting the lava hound in the back left or right corner, depending on which lane you want to push. Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Starting Hand

Since you are starting off with a big troop, you want to follow it up with something that can make this push successful, namely the balloon. Mega minion or minions aren’t bad options either.

Mega Minion: If you don’t want to start off with a 7 elixir card, the mega minion is also a great play to start building a push. Even if you can’t get the balloon after, the mega minion will still provide some defense if your opponent decides to push.

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Starting Hand

Lava Hound Build Up Push

Now, lets talk about winning. The main push that you want to do is a lavaloonion push, as you could probably guess by the name of the deck. The lava hound offers tanking ability along with some support units after it pops. The balloon will be the main damage dealer here, as long as you are able to get it to the tower.  Mega minion or minions give support help, clearing away any defensive troop.

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Strategy Guide

Make sure that your push is exactly in this order, with the lava hound and support unit sandwiching the balloon in. If not, then the balloon can get attacked much more easily, especially if it is in the front of your push.

Also, have a fireball or zap ready and primed. Most likely, you will be countered with minions/MM/minion horde and you need to be able to blow them away. A solid push with these 3 cards can completely decimate a tower and put you in the lead.

Defending Popular Pushes

As with every deck within Clash Royale, if you can’t play defense you won’t be able to win! These are 4 of the most popular pushes in Clash Royale right now, with explanations on how to counter each push with this LavaLoonion deck.

Mirrored Goblin Barrel

Mirrored goblin barrel is a way to get your zap out of your hand, but because there are so many cheap units in this deck, countering both barrels is easy and you should suffer minimal damage on your tower. First off, go ahead and play your zap on the first barrel, easy play!

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Mirrored Goblin Barrel

Then for the second one, you could fireball since it would be an even elixir trade, but you can get a better trade by using minions plus get those minions for a counter push.

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Mirrored Goblin Barrel

Ice Golem Hog

Ice golem-hog is super easy to counter with this deck and there are actually multiple counters. First, you could place skeleton army; just make sure it takes out the hog before the ice golem! However, my favorite and most fool proof way to beat this push is a tombstone, followed up with a mega minion on top of the hog.

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Ice Golem Hog


Since you do have so many air units, countering the mirror of this deck is pretty simple. Minions followed up by a mega minion, placed to kill the balloon, is more than enough to stop this dead in its tracks! After they take down the balloon, both units will clean up the hound, making sure the pups do minimal damage to your tower.

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck LavaLoonion

Bowler Graveyard

Our last popular push is the bowler graveyard which has really grown in popularity lately. The hardest part about this deck is not playing units to be killed by the bowler. Therefore, you have to play tombstone to distract the bowler, while the skeleton army deals with countering the graveyard!

Clash Royale LavaLoonion Deck Bowler Graveyard

So that wraps it up for coverage of the latest meta deck in Clash Royale: LavaLoonion! If you can get the hang of the deck, it really can dominate on the ladder. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Clash Royale content!

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6 thoughts on “Most Meta Deck #2: LavaLoonion Deck

  1. I am using this deck with lightning and arrows instead of the fireball and zap. It pushed me almost in arena 9, and my cards are fairly low level.


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  5. If you ever need help with finding a deck that’s right for you, check out replays from some of the top players. As for me, I’m comfortably at 4,058 this season, and have been using a great Lava Hound Goblin Barrel deck. With the new nerf to zap, I had to make some deck adjustments, but the main goal is to either bait out the zap with the goblin barrel, or with the skeleton army. Tell me some of your most used decks, and your trophies, on the comment section of my blog! Just taking a few moments to do so would be greatly appreciated.


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